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  1. DeadZoneLeaper

    Matt Searcy - Mstalanon - Sad news

    Not sure where to post this or if already posted. I got a message on Facebook this morning that Matt Searcy - board member name Mstalanon has passed away. They believe he died in his sleep this morning from a heart attack. RIP Matt.
  2. DeadZoneLeaper

    Isaac King spotted in Commercial

    The actor who played Isaac King in Leap Between The States is now in a Denny's commercial... His hair is gray and he has a moustache but the facial features and the voice are unmistakable..Wish I had a link but I dont
  3. DeadZoneLeaper

    They Go In 3s

    A 3rd celebrity passed away this weekend making the saying, "Celebrities go in 3's" to be true: Dennis Weaver passed away as well... He is probably best known as McCloud in the 70's and he was on "Gentle Ben"... Movie buffs...
  4. DeadZoneLeaper

    Christmas Story Dad - Darren McGavin - RIP

    http:// So long Old Man / Kolchak... and thanks for the Red Ryder BB Gun
  5. DeadZoneLeaper

    R.I.P. Grandpa - AL Lewis

    AL Lewis, known as Grandpa Munster from the 60's show The Munsters has passed away...
  6. DeadZoneLeaper

    Researchers Develope Quantum Processor

    Are we a step closer to having a real Ziggy? Is this the kind of technology Dom is working with?
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    RIP Richard Pryor

    Richard Pryor died today of a heart attack...he was 65
  8. DeadZoneLeaper

    Star Trek Anmiated Series

    DVD Box set is being planned for early '06 according to
  9. DeadZoneLeaper

    R.I.P. Wendie Jo Sperber

    Probably best known for being Marty McFly's sister in Back to the Future and from the tv show Bosom Buddies passed away after battling cancer... R.I.P.
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    RIP Michael Piller

    Michael Piller, who brought success to Star Trek: The Next Generation and co-created USA Network's Dead Zone has succumbed to cancer His loss will be felt in the sci-fi community
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    A Key figure in American History has died

    Rosa Parks died Monday evening...
  12. DeadZoneLeaper

    RIP Michael Blake (Charles Rocket)

    Charles Rocket, former member of SNL ('80) who had 2 appearances on Quantum Leap (Michael Blake - Little Miracle , Commander Dirk Riker - Leap For Lisa), has committed suicide.
  13. DeadZoneLeaper

    TIME TUNNEL - Coming to DVD - '06
  14. DeadZoneLeaper

    USA Network revamped the Dead Zone Boards

    Lately, I've been trying to drum up new peeps here at Al's by leaving a plug for AL's Place on the new Dead ZOne boards (there are QL fans at the DZ boards)). I know AL's Handlink has gone to both, and I know there are a few Dead Zone fans here as well. So if anyone is interested in seeing the...
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    RIP Little Buddy - Bob Denver
  16. DeadZoneLeaper

    AL's Jazz music

    I might have asked this before, but does anyone know any information about Al's jazz music in his car from Genesis? Is it some stock studio music or is it a real song ?
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    Decided to keep it separate from Ross' Star Trek NCIS series thread.... BTW, GAH Season 3 (Final Season) now on DVD... Still toying with this idea for Virtual Stories.... (FADE TO RED BACKGROUND) (Dramatic V.O. with dramatic inspirational music like Saving Private Ryan suite): In...
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    Shuttle Landing Delayed

    The first attempt to land for Discovery has been delayed due to weather and has been rescheduled for after 6am
  19. DeadZoneLeaper

    Abc News Anchor Peter Jennings Has Died
  20. DeadZoneLeaper

    Play Commodore 64 Games!!!!

    For anyone who lived through the 80's (like me), you probably owned a Commodore 64 and had a ton of games (like me). Now you can relive a lot of your childhood by playing these old games again! go to and get a C64 emulator for your PC (I picked the Win32 download) Then go...