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  1. Al_Calavicci

    At Last! A Screen Accurate Functional Gummy Bear Handlink!

    One of the dreams of any true Quantum Leap fan has finally been answered,and boy was it worth the wait! “Feldon30” had sent me a message many months ago,about “ReplicaProps” working on a project to build a screen accurate,fully functioning replica is Al’s “Gummy Bear” handlink and I just ran...
  2. Al_Calavicci

    Al's sunglasses

    Does anyone here know if Al's red sunglasses seen in "The Camikazi Kid" were an actual mass produced item or something made for the show?
  3. Al_Calavicci

    Quantum Leap convention

    Just wondering if anyone here knew if there was any chance of another Quantum Leap convetion ever happening on Los Angeles. A couple years back there was talk of putting one together and some members were raising money but nothing ever came of it. Since I had missed the first one,I was hoping...
  4. Al_Calavicci

    Round Robin: The ABC's of Dr. Sam Beckett

    R- is for "really sharp dresser" which is what I am! lol!
  5. Al_Calavicci

    Ziggy "Gummy Bear" Handlink

    Does anyone know anyone making/ selling a replica of the gummybear handlink? I know this has been asked here years ago,but I am truly amazed you cant seem to find one for sale anywhere,including ebay. I guess it must be due to low interest since there are tons of Back to the Future props,and...
  6. Al_Calavicci

    Does anyone here on the new Quantum Leap set on Blu-Ray?

    Hi,I noticed that Mill Creek has finally released the entire series on Blu-Ray. I was wondering if anyone here who owns it can tell me what the picture quality is like and if the series if finally presented uncut with all the original music intact? Ive seen Blu-ray releases in the past where the...
  7. Al_Calavicci

    Quantum Leap Convention?

    I was just wondering whatever happened to talk about another Quantum Leap convention? There was a member here a few years back trying to raise funds to get another one off the ground,wasn't there? Guess there was lack of interest. It's really a shame to think the 2009 convention was the last...
  8. Al_Calavicci

    Vintage Quantum Leap Camikazi Kid promo

    Hi everyone. There hasn't been a lot of activity around here much anymore. Sad because Quantum Leap was really a great show. I found this original TV spot for "The Camikazi Kid" on YouTube and thought I would share it with you all. I've always had a soft spot for this episode. I love the ones...
  9. Al_Calavicci

    "Another Time Another Place" Quantum Leap behind the scenes book

    Has anyone here ever seen this book before? it was put out in 2007. I had never seen it before.
  10. Al_Calavicci

    Does anybody here know if this dvd set has the original music?

    I was looking around on ebay and ran into this seller offering a bootleg set of the complete series of Quantum Leap on DVD. I was wondering if anyone here has this set and can tell me if the episodes have all the original music and intro voice overs? The seller says hes never watched them so...
  11. Al_Calavicci

    Screen used Ziggy wristlink and other props on ebay!

    Screen used Ziggy wristlink and other Quantum Leap props on ebay! Did anyone here see these on ebay recently? This seller had some interesting Quantum Leap items for sale. The auction said this is an original screen used Ziggy wristlink used in "The Leap Back 1945". it sold for $516.00. I...
  12. Al_Calavicci

    See the darker side of Dean Stockwell! Anabell 1962

    Dean as you've never seen him before,mentally unstable! A great performance by Dean Stockwell as a delusional chemist obsessed with a woman he cant have. Heres a link to a great 1962 episode "Annabel" of "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour"...
  13. Al_Calavicci

    Quantum Leap season 1 & 2 episodes available free on Hulu

    I thought I'd let everyone know that Hulu has added 31 Quantum Leap season one and two episodes for a limited time. Unfortunately they all appear to be the DVD versions with the redubbed music. I watched MIA yesterday and Georgia on my mind by Ray Charles had been replaced with sappy Lawrence...
  14. Al_Calavicci

    Cool Ziggy Lights on handlink app for iphone!

    Has anyone else seen the Ziggy Lights-on application for the iphone? It turns your iphone screen into a replica of Al's handlink,it flashes and beeps when you touch it and even squawks when you hit the side with your hand! Its not as good as having a real Quantum Leap handlink,but still pretty...
  15. Al_Calavicci

    Does anyone make an accurate replica of Al's Handlink?

    Hi, Wondering if a fellow Leaper can help me out. Does anyone know where I can buy a high quality replica of Al's "gummy bear" handlink? I saw one on YouTube that was built from actual design specs done by Cameron Birnie for the show,has anyone seen this? I can post the link here...
  16. Al_Calavicci

    Round Robin: What would you do?

    Hi Angvav, Think nothing of it!,more input is always better,just ask Ziggy! Besides a leap down under to Australia sounds like fun!...Maybe Sam could leap back to save Steve Irwin.
  17. Al_Calavicci

    Round Robin: What would you do?

    Z-is for Ziggy the parallel hybrid computer that runs quantum leap and can sometimes frustrate Sam & Al. Ziggy projects that the odds are 100% that this was the best choice for Z. Ziggy has a huge ego.
  18. Al_Calavicci

    Round Robin: What would you do?

    V-Visit friends,family and loved ones who are no longer with us.
  19. Al_Calavicci

    Round Robin: What would you do?

    U-is for Understanding more about life after seeing it through someone elses eyes.
  20. Al_Calavicci

    Round Robin: What would you do?

    W- is for Womanize,which is something Al does best! (I know we're not to W yet,forgive me for leaping ahead)