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  1. laurence

    Sam Beckett

    Hi all!!!!!!!:hurray:
  2. laurence

    DragonCon (not QL related)

    Hi all!!! :hurray:
  3. laurence

    "Star light, star bright"

    Hi all :hurray:
  4. laurence

    QL Music vid "Unchained"
  5. laurence

    QL Music video "Star light, star bright"
  6. laurence

    TIFF (drawing) Not QL related

  7. laurence

    QL Music vid' And Happy New Year to everyone :cheers
  8. laurence

    MOaCA promo pic drawing (not QL related)

  9. laurence

    The right hand of God (collage)

    Hi all! :hurray: I've made this one for the Leapcon but didn't enter it in the contest
  10. laurence

    Lord of Illusions (not QL related)

  11. laurence

    LFCC (drawing) not QL related

    Hi all!!!:D
  12. laurence

    Leaping of the shrew (drawing)

    Hi all!!
  13. laurence

    Scott's music vid at LFCC
  14. laurence

    Need help

    Hi! I'm working on a music vid' and I need "a leap effect" I'm quite certain to have read on this board that someone had already made this kind of stuff Sam leaps into Captain Archer for example: how can I make the leap-effect on the Captain? software? effects? etc Kind of tutorial :D? Thanks...
  15. laurence

    QL Music Video "The Shrew"
  16. laurence

    Music Vid "Sunday with a flu"

    90% QL ;)
  17. laurence

    Shenandoah Outdoor (4)

    Hi all!!! :p Larger image and close-ups here
  18. laurence

    Private Dancer

    Hi all!!!!
  19. laurence

    2 music vids made fo the Leapcon

    Youtube link for "Falling awake" Youtube link for "This is the life"
  20. laurence

    3 drawings made for the Leapcon 2009

    And I won two prizes with them First Place in the Leap Back 2009 Art Competition: Illustration and Overall Winner in the Leap Back2009 Art Competition:hurray: