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    Table read of QUANTUM LEAP: A BOLD LEAP FORWARD with the stars!

    I should add that I listened to the beginning in my car while driving. Than watched the rest at home through Roku. For the first part I did not recognize Deborah at all as some of those character voices!
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    Table read of QUANTUM LEAP: A BOLD LEAP FORWARD with the stars!

    This was such a huge surprise yesterday. Such a great tribute to Matt. I am in love with Caitlin, Georgina, and Nanrisa so much. Crazy to think that 2 years ago I had never heard of any of them. But now I feel like I have know them forever. I have read descriptions of this script for years but...
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    Identifying signatures?

    I had not looked at my convention guide in years. The only disappointment of the convention was I missed getting some signatures, so I would be able to see others talk on stage at same time. That was decisions we all had to make. Most people signed in the book by their name and pictures. A few...
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    Should’ve saved my pictures better

    Should’ve saved my pictures better Since 2009 I have moved multiple times and changed computers many times too. At the time my family had an IMac. I burned pictures on discs for each year. The 2009 disc disappeared a long time ago. Frustratingly it’d the only year missing. Luckily I upload...
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    30th Anniversary reruns coming to USA Network

    I specifically know this because it also the 30th Anniversary of Batman The Animated Series. I remember visiting my Aunt and Uncle’s house and being excited about both. I have vague memories of seeing the Pilot in 1989 when I was 10. I became a regular viewer a year or so later. I caught some...
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    Scott similar to Kevin Costner?

    Was not sure where the best place to put this was. It sprung out of a conversation about the QL revival but not really about that at all. At work this week I told a coworker about the revival which he new nothing about. As part of that I told him that Scott had been developing a Pilot for NBC...
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    Idea- Episode Posters

    I have had this idea for a while. Imagine if each episode of Quantum Leap got a movie style poster. Each episode was almost like a little movie anyways. There are so many directions that could be gone in. Drawing inspiration from films of similar genres. For example "How the Tess was Won" and...
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    Look like people we know?

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    Who would want a Fan Reunion?

    First of all let me give full credit for this idea to board member Chicken Boo. A followup convention seemes unlikely in the near future. A full-blown convention with celebrities and with events. But one of the best things about the recent convention was just meeting and hanging out with fellow...
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    New Quantum Leap merchandise - What would you want?

    For myself I would love to see more comic books made. The company that published the original series went out of business right after the show was canceled!!! Which was very frustrating. Comic books based on Tv series and movies are more popular than ever. Not just current ones either. Stuff...
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    Idea - Book on fan experiences and inspirations

    I been thinking about this ever since the convention. A number of fans commented to the guests about how much Quantum Leap meant to them. How it helped and inspired them. I think there are many more stories like this. Someone should compile them into a book. Whether professionally published or...
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    Its been a month since the Con!!!

    Hard to imagine huh? My Quantum Leap buzz from the convention is starting to wear off. What do I do now?
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    Quantum Leap Emmy award on Ebay!!!|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50 Its for Makeup in The Leap Home Part I...
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    Convention Cartoon Poster

    In the Dealers Room these were being sold. Showing the guests in a car. In a cartoony style. Who was the artist? Anyone who bought it have a picture?
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    Scott Bakula movie "I Man"

    Scott Bakula "I-Man" This was tv movie made by Disney. It was a few years before Scott did Quantum Leap. Scott character is indestructible. The villain is played by John Anderson who was in "The Last Gunfighter". There are a few clips on youtube but I would love to see the full movie again. I...
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    How about Quantum Leap The Musical?

    Yes I am serious!!! Numerous movies have been turned into Broadway Musicals. Also comic book and comic strip characters. Why not a TV series? The best part is that Scott Bakula would be perfectly suited to star in it as well. Just think about that part. Universal seems leery in bringing back...
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    Things we may have missed

    I figured it would be a good idea for a thread about guests and panels we may have missed. I know we all did not get to see everything. Then others who did see those panels can fill in the details. I will start off - I only got to see part of Deborah Pratt reading her QL novel. Did she say if...
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    Lost private message

    Nevermind.... Nevermind.....
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    What if there are empty seats?

    Looking at these tickets for sale made me wonder something. What if some of these tickets are not used? How will empty seats be handled? Like a Baseball game were after the first few innings everyone moves forward to fill seats..... Ok maybe that would not work!:p
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    Bic Razors - OK to fly with?

    Is it ok to have disposable razors in my carry on baggage? I am not having checked baggage on my flight out.