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  1. Bexter

    Anyone still in LA April 3-7

    Hi Guys Just wondering if there is anyone who is looking for something to do April 3-7 I'm thinking of going to Santa Monica for those last few days of my trip and wonding if anyone wishes to join me. I get back from Las Vegas morning of April 3 and then was heading of to SM, let me know if you...
  2. Bexter

    Major Advice needed Re: April 1-7

    Hi all, I need some advice regarding my holiday, I am arriving March 23rdish and leaving April 7ish and have plans from March 23-April 1. However from April 1-7, I have no idea what I am doing, where I am staying and basically have left it very late to organise. My travel agent is pissed off...
  3. Bexter

    Quantum Leap Birthday

    It's my nieces birthday tomorrow and I asked her what she would like for her present? Quantum Leap series 1 how cool is that!! :hurray:
  4. Bexter

    Happy Birthdy Sparkie Clarkie

    I hope your birthday was just awesome (was yesterday for me, still today for your) You're a lovely person and deserve to have a wonderful day! :cheers
  5. Bexter

    8 /12 months - weird cravings

    Ok - Was reading up on peoples opinions of episode 8 1/2 months and in particular about the pregnancy cravings. I was wondering about people weird cravings when they were pregnant and thought I'd share mine. Please feel free to add yours and others you have heard of, it totally fascinates me...
  6. Bexter

    update from Bex

    Hi Guys I just wanted to touch base with everyone and say hi, I have not been on much last few weeks. As you know I separated from my husband and things have been a little strange, however its all good, kids are happy, I'm happy, even the dog's happy (he gets to sleep on bed with me every night...
  7. Bexter

    Happy Birthday Mr Questionmark

    Happy Birthday to my good friend, Mr Questionmark Hope you have a great day Three cheers :hurray::hurray::hurray:
  8. Bexter

    Australian Leapers

    Since there are so many of us I thought it might be good to start a thread where we can share any information that may be helpful to each other in case any of you don't know, virgin are offering flights from Sydney to LA for under $1000 it may be worth while to fly to sydney on a cheap jetstar...
  9. Bexter

    Happy Birthday QL Damsel

    Hey Happy Birthday QL Damsal I didn't realise you were born same year as me!! :hurray: Have a wonderful and relaxing day :hurray::hurray::hurray: (Three cheers)
  10. Bexter

    Happy Easter Everyone

    May everyone's Easter be happy, safe and wonderfully blessed. As well as the true meaning of Easter its a lovely time to reflect on those who are special to you! And you guys are all special.
  11. Bexter

    Do you live in California Please read!!!

    OK, i realise its another please read post but humour me!!! A very wonderful actor/director Colin Cunningham has a short movie being shown at the METHOD FEST International Film Festival on the 29th March at 10.00pm. Shorts program 4. I have seen his movie and beleive...
  12. Bexter

    Priceless!! - Funny Story

    Lately my sister has been trying desperately to ’de-dag’ me, she took me shopping to get me some decent clothes etc Price of 6 New shirts from local boutique $120.00 Price of snappy new jeans $45.00 Price of a pair of black strappy sandles $29.00 Look on her face when we both turned...
  13. Bexter

    Great Weekend

    We just had a long weekend here in Perth and i had such a nice time i just wanted to share with my buddies!! I went to a scrapbooking camp and i did a Major Davis Page (SG1) for a bit of a laugh with som screencaps i printed off. It was so much fun I'm going to do a page for all my other...
  14. Bexter

    American Idol - Please read!!

    Hey if any of you are watching/voting for american idol then please consider Michael Johns... He's my besties step-bro!! My friend Al and I have been friends for 20 years and I know he'd be totally stoked if his brother won!! And for no other reason... then vote for him cause he has a...
  15. Bexter

    Happy Valentines Day

    Hey Everyone, I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day :hurray: And just in case that special someone who you have had your eye on didn't acknowledge you, then don't despair, you have a friend downunder who thinks you are all just wonderful :D So have a fabulous day! and even if...
  16. Bexter

    Australia Day

    Today is Australia Day Hip Hip Horray :hurray: :hurray: :hurray: A day to celebrate being Australian, having BBQ's watching fireworks, singing "I come from a land downunder" at the top of our lungs and pretending we know the words to the Australian National Anthem (which is Advance...
  17. Bexter

    New Prime Minister

    Well, after 11.5 years Australia now has a new Prime Minister. For anyone who cares I would like to point out that John Howard was the longest serving and in my opinion the best Prime Minister Australia has ever had. I didn't always agree with what he did or said but always admired his...
  18. Bexter

    Happy Birthday SamBeckett94

    Just noticed the little thingy at the bottom of the screen that said Todays Birthday's and yours was there. I hadn't even noticed it there before. So Anyway Happy Birthday and have a fab day. :hurray:
  19. Bexter

    Phew!! Hot Hot Hot

    Boy am I one hot little bunny today (and I don't mean the playboy type). 41c here today and of course, first hot day we've had for months (well actually since yesterday but that was the first hot day in months) and our newly privatised power supplier spat it and i was without power for 2 and...
  20. Bexter

    New Thread from Candle in the water

    Yes, my mother keeps commenting on my mad sense of humour, although advises that not all appreciate it, she does though. After tyring many things, I settled on excercise and eating healthier and guess what, it works!! Who'd have thought. However, even after doing this you can still reach a...