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    Nine years ago today...

    ...I was on a plane flying across the country for what was one of the greatest weekends of my life!
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    Round Robin: The ABC's of Dr. Sam Beckett

    S - is for "Swiss cheese," which is what poor Sam's brain emulates.
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    Inspiration for Donna's name?

    I am a space exploration geek, always have been, and I'm a member of several space geek groups on the Book of Faces. In one group, someone posted last week that they were going to an event honoring a moon rock and this astronaut. My first thought was, "Hmm... That name sounds somewhat familiar..."
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    GFTW help me, I found a time waster in the Android app store

    There is a handlink app in the app store. I've spent the last half hour playing with it. Now I can get my 'nerd' on anytime, anywhere; and make friends, family, and strangers everywhere go :disbelief !
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    Round Robin: The ABC's of Dr. Sam Beckett

    Q - Quark. As in, "What the hell is a quark?!"
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    Round Robin: Rhyme With the Line Above

    "Because right now I'm kinda stuck. That young lady needs my aid,"
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    Hello again

    Hello to all the new folks, and rehello to all the old timers here! I used to be a very active member of this forum, even traveling to L.A. for the convention in 2009. Then things happened, I changed careers, and stuff I used to do (like being active here) kinda went by the wayside. Long story...
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    Brian, if you see this, please check in!

    As some of you may know, Brian (our illustrious Webmaster and owner of this site) lives in North Carolina. His state was hit by a nasty storm system that spawned dozens of tornadoes on Saturday. I hope he was not in the path of one - he may just be without power right now. Everyone please keep...
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    Happy Birthday Al Calavicci!

    Happy Birthday to the Admiral with the keenest fashion sense on this planet! :hurray:
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    Happy Birthday jassian!

    Hope your birthday is fun and wonderful! :hurray:
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    New pilot coming to TNT, featuring Scott Bakula

    An actor friend of mine told me tonight about a new show for which he received a casting call. So I looked it up and found this.
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    Happy Birthday to Imagine!

    Happy Birthday!
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    I can't believe I almost missed it!

    Happy Birthday, Admiral Calavicci! (June 15, 19??)
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    Twitter updates thread

    If you are planning to post con updates to Twitter (and you don't mind posting this info), add your Twitter username here! If you aren't able to attend the con, but want to follow the updates from the con-goers, keep an eye on this thread for more usernames! I'll start. My username on Twitter...
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    It's Friday the 13th...

    Let's all watch the Halloween Episode today. :alien
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    Round Robin: What would you do?

    I did the same thing. :o P - Peace. End war and hatred.
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    Round Robin: What would you do?

    L is for Lisa, Al's fling in the Navy.
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    Attention, Aussies! Urgent!

    Will our friends from Down Under please check in here and let those of us from Up Yonder know that you are all okay? I have read about the horrifying fires, and I am hoping each of you and your loved ones are safe.
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    Los Angeles weather!

    I am sort of a weather junkie, so I checked the average high and low temperatures for Los Angeles for the end of March. Average highs: Low 70s (Fahrenheit) Average lows: Low to mid 50s (Fahrenheit) Here is the Los Angeles page of my favorite weather source, centered in on the convention area...