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  1. ziggysego

    Quantum Who

    Saw this video on YouTube over the weekend and thought it was fantastic. Definitely a must see of all Quantum Leap / Doctor Who fans! :hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray::hurray:
  2. ziggysego

    BBC defends disabled presenter

    The BBC has defended disabled presenter Cerrie Burnell after some parents claimed that she is "scaring" their children. CBeebies controller Michael Carrington described Burnell, who was born with one arm, as "warm and natural", adding that her disability should not be an issue. "She was...
  3. ziggysego

    James Whitmore Snr. Dies RIP

    Yahoo News wrote: Versatile actor James Whitmore dies By BOB THOMAS, Associated Press Writer Bob Thomas, Associated Press Writer – 13 mins ago LOS ANGELES – The son of James Whitmore says the versatile actor has died of lung cancer. Steve Whitmore says his father died Friday in his Malibu...
  4. ziggysego

    Brave Young Men

    Coogan produces sci-fi drama for BBC Wednesday, December 10 2008, 09:53 GMT By Alex Fletcher, Entertainment Reporter Rex Features Steve Coogan is producing a new sci-fi drama for the BBC, say reports. According to The Sun, the comic's project is based...
  5. ziggysego

    castleWeb Designs

    Hi all my little leaper friends. I haven't been on the board of late, as I've had many different projects I've been trying to get off the ground. One of them being, is my own part-time business. I officially am now my own part-time boss, in web designing. Got my first contract last week...
  6. ziggysego


    Saw this picture on the Internet this morning and just had to post it here! :)
  7. ziggysego

    Bond 22

    The 22nd James Bond title as been released today. I'm sure you'll all get the same kick out of it as I did ;) Quantum of Solace :D
  8. ziggysego

    The new Knight Rider

    US soap actor Justin Bruening will fill David Hasselhoff's shoes in a TV update of Knight Rider, according to reports. Bruening will play the son of Michael Knight, Hasselhoff's character in the original 1980s series, in the two-hour TV movie, the Hollywood Reporter said. The 28-year-old...
  9. ziggysego

    Mr & Mrs Leaper1

    I just wanted to wish Leaper1 a Happy Wedding Anniversary. I hope you have a good day and that Mr. Leaper1 showers you will lots and lots of presents. Enjoy your day :dreaming
  10. ziggysego

    Blue Man in Blue World

    Found this video on YouTube and I thought it was hilarious. Enjoy!
  11. ziggysego

    Another Buddy Holly connection?

    Well all know that Sam changed Piggy Sue into Peggy Sue, but did Sam give Buddy another song in Quantum Leap? The last thing that Buddy heard "Sam" say was Oh Boy. Name another Buddy song...... "Oh Boy!" Can't believe I've never spotted that before. :hurray:
  12. ziggysego

    The Alternative Ending to Star Trek: Enterprise

    I found this alternative ending to Enterprise on YouTube today. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did ;)
  13. ziggysego

    Stephen J. Cannell -v- Donald P. Bellisario

    I was watching an episode of Diagnosis Murder today, which I taped off BBC 1 yesterday. It was an episode called Must Kill TV. Who should pop up in it, but Stephen J. Cannell. Creator of such shows as The A-Team, Renegade and The Greatest American Hero. He played a man called Jackson Burley, a...
  14. ziggysego

    Faceman on Celebrity Big Brother UK

    Today saw the start of the three week celebrity edition of Big Brother UK. To my surprise Dirk Benedict aka Face off the A-Team is one of the contestant. Go Faceman! I only mention this with his connects with Donald P. Bellisario on the original Battlestar....
  15. ziggysego

    I see that Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward has been removed from Do anyone know or fear the significant behind this? Could this be the final plug being pulled on the telefilm?
  16. ziggysego

    Quantum Leap Posters for sale
  17. ziggysego

    Quantum Leap intro.... in German!

    Cool to see. Just a pity we didn't get to hear either Sam or Al speaking German.
  18. ziggysego

    My YouTube Quantum Leap video

    Hi one and all As you know, I love looking for Quantum Leap related videos on the Internet. Al's Place is my heaven ;) Anyway today I had a go at making one of my own. I have just posted at YouTube. I would appreciate some feedback on it.
  19. ziggysego

    Ode to Quantum Leap

    Everyone knows that I like to post little Quantum Leap videos I find from across the Internet here. However this is truly the strangest I have come across yet.
  20. ziggysego

    Nudity on Quantum Leap

    I was wondering how Donald P. Bellsario managed to get a nude Terry Farrell pass the censors for the episode A Leap for Lisa. Upon doing a little research, this was not the only occasion. Apparently he managed to get a nude women pass the censors for * Magnum PI and * JAG How? Why?