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    Quantum Leap Blu-Ray Complete Series Feb 7 2017 Studio synopsis: Get ready for an adventure of many lifetimes, with the ground-breaking sci-fi classic, Quantum Leap. With the complete series box set, you can now leap through all 95 thrilling episodes over 5 seasons of this Primetime Emmy Award-winning...
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    FF: Johnny Got His Gun.

    Synopsis: In a leap worse than death, Sam finds himself in the 'shoes' of maimed war veteran, Joe Bonham. Crossover with the classic novel by Dalton Trumbo. Link:
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    QL Tribite Music Video "You Found Me." Bested viewed enlarged. Said button in between the audio adjust and time monitor.
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    A Pair of Quantum Crossovers

    Hello, fellow fans. I'm Mike, a life long fan and full time hack short storyteller. I've been mulling over whether or not to join this site for a while, and thus share my two contributions (I use the term lightly) to QL fan fiction with the who’s who of ‘Projects’ on the net. I hold this site in...