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    Music may not be the only problem w/Season 5 DVDs

    According to the specs on ... it doesn't look as if Trilogy Part II and Evil Leaper II will be presented in their original two hour formats. We may be getting the split-up syndication versions. Lee Harvey Oswald seems...
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    Season 4 R2 vs. R1 - ANY Advantage?

    Before I return my R2 Season 4, does anyone know if the music replacement issues are the same as the R1? Is there any advantage in owning the R2? Thanks all.
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    Season 4 R2 "Liberation" Video Quality

    I live in the US, but I purchase my QL DVDs from the UK to get around the music replacement issues. Just got S4 in the mail today, popped in the bonus ep "Liberation", and right away I noticed the video quality is horrible. The picture is jittery and choppy and plain unwatchable. The actual...
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    List of S4 DVD Music Replacement?

    Can someone with the US DVDs post a list of which songs have been replaced? Thanks.
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    Bad Audio on Season 2: Region2?

    I bought the Region 2 Season 2 set in a heartbeat after I read on Al's Place that the soundtracks are intact. Just watched "Disco Inferno", and noticed, sadly that the sound is irregular and warbly. It's noticeable during music pieces like the opening theme, and later when Al tells Sam that...