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  1. Sherdran

    Happy 4th of July!!

    I know it's a bit late in the evening, but I still wanted to wish everyone in this great country of ours a very Happy 4th of July!! Hope you've had an awesome day! Eleiece K.:wave:wave
  2. Sherdran

    Happy Birthday, Dr. Beckett!

    Happy Birthday, Sam...Wherever you are in the endless oceans of time. :wave:wave Eleiece Krawiec/aka "Sherdran"
  3. Sherdran

    Round Robin Story B

    I'm working on a conclusion to this. Hope to have it finished...soon. Eleiece K.
  4. Sherdran

    Although it's been said many times, many ways...

    To you, my Quantum Leap friends, wherever you are, may your holidays be blessed with laughter and good times with family and friends, and may you wind up with more happy and precious memories than you can count. Merry Christmas! ... Happy Hanukkah! ... Happy Kwanza, and Happy Holidays! Eleiece...
  5. Sherdran

    Happy Birthday, Helen!

    I wanted to pop in to wish a lovely lady, exceptionally talented writer and very dear friend....Happy Birthday, Helen! Hope you have a wonderful day, and that the Lord blesses you with many, many more happy returns of the day! Hugs, Eleiece
  6. Sherdran

    Happy Anniversary!

    13 years ago today all the fabulousness that is Al's Place began. Sooooo...... :hurray:Happy Anniversary! Al's Place!:hurray:, and here's to the next 13 years...and counting!:cheers Sherdran a/k/a Eleiece K.
  7. Sherdran

    Prayer for my great-niece, Jasmine

    Hi, all, I was just checking FaceBook a few minutes ago, and saw a post by my nephew, Chuck, that his 15 year old daughter (and only child) Jasmine has been missing since 11:00 a.m. yesterday; she may be with a boy a couple of years older than her. Any and all prayers, good thoughts, etc. that...
  8. Sherdran

    Congratulations, Jennie & Bill!

    I wanted to let everyone know that Jennie Atwater (SMcDuck) and her husband, Bill, have welcomed their first child, a daughter, into the world. Kaitlyn Elizabeth Atwater was born yesterday, October 21st. :hurray: Congratulations, Jennie & Bill!! :hurray: and :hurray:Welcome to the world...
  9. Sherdran

    Prayers for my family

    Please keep my family in your prayers. I received word about 3 hours ago that my next to youngest sister, Wanda, died suddenly this evening at 5:59 p.m. She was just 53 years old. I'm more than a little numb at the moment. I'll likely fly out on Wednesday to go home to Michigan for her...
  10. Sherdran

    Happy Birthday!

    :wave Happy Birthday, Jassian! I hope you have a wonderful day with people you love and lots of lovely new memories to show for it! May you also have many happy returns of the day! :wave Eleiece
  11. Sherdran

    Hurricane Gustav

    Hi all, Just wanted to let you all know that it's looking very much like I (and thousands of other New Orleanians) will be evacuating to escape Gustav. I and my "fur kids" are leaving on Friday morning (August 29th...and the 3rd anniversary of Katrina) to go to Texas to stay with MJ and her...
  12. Sherdran

    Round Robin: The ABC's of Dr. Sam Beckett

    C - is for "college", specifically MIT where he whipped through a 4 year program in 2 years!
  13. Sherdran

    Round Robin Story A

    Sam turned to see a man with a concerned expression, and wearing a cast on his left arm, rushing toward him. He presumed he was his host’s husband, but before he could react, the man threw his arms around him. Al confirmed the leaper’s suspicion as Sam was hugged. “Sam, this is Matina’s...
  14. Sherdran

    Happy Birthday, leaper1!

    :wave Happy, Happy Birthday, Helen! I hope you've had an absolutely SUPER birthday! And here's wishing you many more happy returns of the day, my friend! :wave {{{huggles}}}} Eleiece
  15. Sherdran

    Round Robin: Experiment: Flash RR

    Sam gaped at Al. “Uh…hello? Mind telling me how…because I’m on a boat that’s _somewhere_on_the_ocean!”
  16. Sherdran

    Round Robin: Experiment: Flash RR

    Turning his head, Sam murmured, “Who am I?” Al asked Ziggy, responding succinctly, “Mirabella Furtado.”
  17. Sherdran

    Round Robin: Experiment: Flash RR

    Re: Ooc That long and we're still basically referring to her as "hey you"?! Well then I think it's high time this "silly girl" had a name! So, I'm going to step up and do just that in the post that's going to follow this one. (*g* Bold as brass tacks today, aren't I?):roflmao: Eleiece K.
  18. Sherdran

    Round Robin: Experiment: Flash RR

    Sam glanced at the proffered bottle then to the man. “I…don’t drink...whiskey,” he began.