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  1. Snish

    NY Comic Con

    Is anyone here going to Comic Con in New York next weekend? I'm curious because there's a possibility I could go.
  2. Snish

    QL article

    I found a really nice article about a potential movie and about the series. It even mentions the 2009 convention. (Sorry if it's been posted before--I've been away lately.)
  3. Snish

    Scott on CNN?

    My CNN homepage says that Scott Bakula is live on CNN right now! But when I went to the video page it wasn't him. :hmm So hopefully someone can sort that out...
  4. Snish

    The weather in LA

    The weather forecast for Los Angeles for the next few days, courtesy the Weather Channel (temps in Fahrenheit): Thu Mar 26 Partly Cloudy 70° 53° Fri Mar 27 Sunny 75° 51° Sat Mar 28 Sunny 74° 53° 0% Sun Mar 29 Mostly Sunny 72° 53° 0% Mon Mar 30 Sunny 71° 53° 0% Bring...
  5. Snish

    How does Super Shuttle work?

    Can I ask a stupid question? OK, I guess I already did. The Leapback website says "wait under orange sign and the shuttle will pick you up." But do I need to go to the Super Shuttle website and book in advance? Or do I just tell the driver, "Beverly Garland"? My flight is scheduled to arrive...
  6. Snish

    Sitrep buzzes QL con

    The blog site Galactica Sitrep has buzzed Dean Stockwell's appearance at the convention: Under Wednesday, Feb. 18. Just thought you'd like to know. ;) Might sell you a few tickets.
  7. Snish

    Fan fiction contest?

    Have the notifications gone out yet to those who submitted works to the fan fic contest? I haven't heard anything about my submissions. Just wondering... after all, the con is only 5 weeks away now. I don't even remember when I submitted, but I may have sent from my old email address, which I...
  8. Snish


    From the website, I see that the hotel has a restaurant, but it looks like there won't be any specific food service for the con. Is that right? Eating restaurant meals for 4 days would really add up, so I'll be looking for some cheaper food alternatives that don't require a car. What do people...
  9. Snish

    What about the beach?

    So is it reasonable to hope to go to the beach in March in LA? Are there any good beaches that I could get to from the hotel? I rarely get to the ocean, so I like to take any chance I get. Besides, it's friggin' cold here in PA right now, and I'm starting to dream of warm places.
  10. Snish

    More Dean updates

    Dean Stockwell's been doing a bunch of projects this year, so here's a list (apologies for cross-posts). First, I'm proud to announce that Dean has won an award for Best Supporting Actor in a Short Film at the Action on Film International Film Festival in Los Angeles, for the short western...
  11. Snish

    Dean back on Battlestar

    At long last, the new season of Battlestar Galactica is starting on Friday, April 4, at 10 p.m. (EDT) on the SciFi channel. (Check your local schedules as always.) They're only showing a batch of 10 episodes at this time, so it should be running weekly into June. (I think it will also be shown...
  12. Snish

    Dean Stockwell Day on TCM

    Just a heads-up for those interested in Dean Stockwell's childhood film work. Turner Classic Movies is having a Dean Stockwell movie marathon all day tomorrow, March 5, starting at 7 a.m. EST. On his birthday, naturally! 7 a.m. The Green Years 9:15 The Mighty McGurk 10:45 The Arnelo...
  13. Snish

    Fires in SoCal

    We have another ongoing disaster in the US with the extreme wildfires in California. Any board members in Southern California, please check in and tell us if you're okay. Of course anyone who's evacuated won't be able to get to their computer.... I hope everyone is safe and well and able to...
  14. Snish

    Question re amount of time Al was in 'Nam

    This question comes out of a discussion that somehow ended up on The Leap Back thread. In MIA, Al said that he came home from Vietnam in 1973. But at the end of The Leap Home: Vietnam, which was in 1970, Al said, "What the hell, I get repatriated in five years." That would mean he doesn't come...
  15. Snish

    Dean Stockwell updates

    That post about Scott got me thinking... here's some news about Dean's activities. First, he's having another art show at the RB Ravens Art Gallery in Taos, New Mexico, with a reception on Friday, October 5. Several Sassies will be in attendance. (Including me... SQUEEEEE!!) The show runs...
  16. Snish

    Get Dean a Golden Toaster!

    The Golden Toaster Awards are fan-based awards for Battlestar Galactica. Dean is nominated for two this year--Best Guest Star and Best Villain (as Brother Cavil). He can't get an Emmy for his appearances on this show, but at least he can get something! So you can help by voting on the awards...
  17. Snish

    The Adventures of Scott Bakula

    All you Scott fans have probably seen this already, but I just found it, and I thought it was pretty darn funny: (Brian, if you want to move this to the off-topic section, that's fine. I thought it was QL-related...
  18. Snish

    Has anyone used

    Have any of you used or other online services to buy airplane tickets? How was the experience? Any problems?
  19. Snish

    convention for The Office

    Are there any fans of The Office here? There's talk of having a convention in Scranton this fall. I'm not such a big fan of the show myself, at least not yet because I've only seen a few episodes, but I might go just because I live only an hour away. If anyone here was going, it would be fun...
  20. Snish

    QL on Top Sci-Fi List

    Entertainment Weekly has compiled a list of the top sci-fi shows and movies over the past 25 years. See where Quantum Leap falls:,,20036782_20037403_20037541_4,00.html One statement in the listing made me laugh out loud: "The premise was uncomplicated"...