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  1. TrainConductor

    SilenTrainConductor's Art

    Hullo all! I just started this thread to host some of my QL fanart. I don't have much currently, but I plan on improving and making some more stuff! I even signed up for fanart100 on lj *G* Well here's one old sketch I have... It was done with charcoal, and looks much neater in real...
  2. TrainConductor

    Quantum Leap Art

    I have yet to make any drawings, or artwork for Quantum Leap, but if I do...would it be possible to sell prints at the con (considering it's good enough)? Or would that be a no-no? I'm just curious, and I don't want to create any trouble... In either case, thanks for the help <3
  3. TrainConductor

    New Ficlet - Just One More

    A short, quick character piece, which can be found here: Hope you enjoy.
  4. TrainConductor

    New Fic - Double Stuf Just a short & sweet story dealing with QL and Oreos. If you read it, I do hope you enjoy it.
  5. TrainConductor

    QL Offerings

    Since I haven't been in the QL fandom that, that, long, I don't have much to offer, but I still have some stuff for those who haven't seen it. I have 100 Al (with some Sam) icons on livejournal, link is below: I also have my fanfic My...
  6. TrainConductor

    Holas & Hellos!

    Hi! It's kinda late, and I'm falling asleep, but I figured I should say hullo before I forget. Well I recently got into QL because my dad asked me to buy Season 1 for him in November, after that I was hooked, and the following seasons became my presents *g* I have written a fic, and have...