107: Oh Ye Of Little Faith

107: Oh Ye Of Little Faith

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Ben leaps into a priest who has been called to assist a family in crisis on Halloween night. As he delves into mysterious and inexplicable events, he’s forced to muster all his resources as a scientist before time runs out.

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I thought this was only average. Again, I fear the direction the writers are going is more in keeping with "Days of our Lives" or "As the World Turns". It's time to tie together at least SOME of the story lines before the series gets axed and leaves us with only questions.
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I liked this episode, though it was pretty predictable at times, ie everytime Ben took a drink of the "gin" he started to see things. The effects were pretty good though. On a seperate note the resolution to the story was a bit surprising to me and to Ben lol. I also enjoyed Janice coming back into the story. For the past couple of episodes I was wondering what she was up to. I think its awesome she did what she did.

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Made herself a hologram to communicate with Ben

I am really excited to see more of the story progress and develop
Well this one started good, but in the last 10 minutes of the episode it went downhill. There were no real surprised during the run of the episode IMO. It was quite predictable.
I actually considered giving this episode "Good" but then the final act arrived and... it was ridiculous. Anyway i have to congratulate Ben for, finally, figure something out all by himself without Addison's help. Well at least not the Addison from the project, but she did appeared in his head, while he was unconscious.
This episode also remind me how much i dislikes American TV holidays specials.