109: Fellow Travelers

109: Fellow Travelers

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Ben lands in 1979 Chicago as Jack Armstrong, a devoted security guard to talented pop singer Carly Farmer. During Carly’s prep for a big concert, it quickly becomes clear her life is in danger and Ben must determine who is trying to kill her and why.

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When i saw the name of the writer of this episode, i was hoping he'd repeat the...success of the first episode, he wrote(Episode 3). He did, but i also felt like he had to straighten the line with the style of this revival.

Except a few ungenuine emotional parts, that felt the least natural(IMO), and the side plot in the present, it was a pretty good episode.
This episode also reminded me a lot of one of the episodes from the OG. And it's made the feel I had from the last episode he wrote -That He was a real fan of the OG, or ,at least, did his Homework about the OG - to get even stronger.
Though the episode was a little predictable, it was fine. I also appreciate the gestures
this episode had in its dialogue to the OG and to Ben's quest.