Fandom Entanglement: QL 2022 Series Wrap-Up

Damon Sugameli, Mike Bloxam, MJ Cogburn, and Brian Greene's podcast about Quantum Leap


Project QL Assistant
Sep 11, 2010
Auburndale, FL
This was recorded nearly a month ago, but here at last is our final episode:


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This is an episode we were hoping wouldn’t need to be recorded for at least another couple of years. At this point, it’s old news, but NBC has officially cancelled the 2022 revival of QUANTUM LEAP, and we’re a bit heartbroken over the possibilities of Ben and Addison leaping together that will not be explored. But was this cancellation completely unexpected given how divisive the fan base has been toward the new series?

Joining me (Damon Sugameli) are my co-hosts Mike Bloxam (MikeKraken), Brian Greene (alsplacebartender), M.J. Cogburn (QL Damsel), and the return of my wife (and original Season 1 co-host) Amada Anderson for this final installment of FANDOM ENTANGLEMENT: QUANTUM LEAP 2022 (at least for now). We express our thoughts and feelings about seeing our beloved series once again disappear from network television and break down what might have gone wrong, what could have been done differently, and whether this truly is the end of Quantum Leap for the foreseeable future.

To send the series off on a more positive note, I share some personal anecdotes about my history with Quantum Leap and how each of my co-hosts changed my life for the better, with gratitude to the friends and relationships I made being part of the QL fandom and podcast community.

Hope you enjoy our discussion! It’s been a blast having new Quantum Leap to talk about for the past year and a half! See you later.


Thank you to Raymond Lee, Caitlin Bassett, Mason Alexander Park, Nanrisa Lee, and Ernie Hudson for bringing the characters of Ben Song, Addison Augustine, Ian Wright, Jenn Chu, and Herbert “Magic” Williams to life respectively; to Executive Producers Steven Lilien, Bryan Wynbrandt, Martin Gero and Dean Georgaris for giving us two more seasons of Quantum Leap; to Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell who started it all as Sam Beckett and Al Calavicci; and, of course, to Donald P. Bellisario & Deborah Pratt for creating this wonderful world that allowed our main characters to change history and put right what once went wrong.

Special thanks to everyone who joined as guests over the course of these 31 episodes:

  • Albert “Albie” Burdge, John Irons & Hayden McQueenie from The Quantum Leap Podcast/Quantum Leap Aftershow, Aaron & Michelle Moss from The Star Bright Project, and Andrew Gist from Project Quantum Leap - The Podcast (“As the World Burns” | “Against Time”)
  • Jan Fennick (“The Family Treasure”)
  • Stacie Wilcox (“Off the Cuff”)
  • Darrell Darnell (“Closure Encounters”)
  • Dennis Frymire (“Judgment Day” | “Nomads”)
  • Lisa Hollifield (“Ben, Interrupted” | “One Night in Koreatown”)
  • Duncan Pflaster (“Let Them Play”)
  • Matt Dale (“Leap. Die. Repeat.”)

And thanks to everyone who watched, listened and/or left comments. This iteration of FANDOM ENTANGLEMENT may be over, but Mike and I will be back shortly for the first episode of our retro review series: SLIDERS!

(*This podcast episode was originally released on YouTube on 05/17/24.)