212: As The World Burns

212: As The World Burns

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Ben leaps into the body of a Baltimore firefighter in 1974 and is unexpectedly reunited with his time-crossed love, Hannah, and her son, Jeffrey. Trapped in a towering inferno, Ben must find a way to repair their troubled relationship and save their lives before it's too late.

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Another "good" episode in my opinion. Lots of action but somewhat predictable with regard to Jeffrey. The personification of Ben with the same leaper "do gooder" mentality of Sam Beckett at least keeps alive some of the same feelings we experienced from the original series.
I really enjoyed this ep, it had all the right elements and was part one of a really strong *season* finale. It had a good story in and of itself while being tied to the season long narrative. It had action and heart. I would even say there was a bit of a connection to Trilogy from the original series with this being Ben's recurring connection and there being a fire involved.
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