30th Anniversary reruns coming to USA Network


Project QL Intern
Nov 22, 2008
I specifically know this because it also the 30th Anniversary of Batman The Animated Series. I remember visiting my Aunt and Uncle’s house and being excited about both.

I have vague memories of seeing the Pilot in 1989 when I was 10. I became a regular viewer a year or so later. I caught some of the early episodes when NBC ran their “Quantum Leap weeks”.

But I saw many of the early episodes for the first time back in fall 1992 on USA Network. It was such a surreal time. I was too young to know anything about tv ratings. I thought it was a popular show. Than only months later to learn the show was ending.

I have been waiting a long time...

As another Scott Bakula show’s theme song said “It’s Been a Long Road...”