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Aug 18, 2012
Hi all. New member here. Watched QL as a kid. Been watching them again lately. Just watched S5 E22 Mirror Image, the last episode of the series, and noticed 3 instances where they apparently overdubbed different words after filming, because the lips and words don't match. Here are the 3 instances:

1) At 20:18, audio = "BVD" but lips = "KGB" from the line "I need it for my BVD report." I assume this was to make a joke to earlier in the episode where the guy who can't spell or talk really who goes by Ziggy says BVD by mistake when trying to say KGB. This one makes sense to me, although I don't see why they didn't just reshoot it. Must have decided to change it after shooting was all done.

2) At 33:09, audio = "slate" but lips = "stone" from the line "It was slate on his back" in reference to the mining material. Both Sam and whoever he's talking to in the bar say it and have it overdubbed different. This is the one I don't get at all. What would have been wrong with saying "stone"?

3) At 43:15, audio = "for Al" but lips = "first" from the line "I've got a line to put right for Al" -- this one makes sense. Seems like they just wanted to clarify what was going to happen, that it was about Al not just something in general.

Thoughts? Particularly on #2? Thanks. Cool forum.

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I caught the #2 change and never understood why.

As for #1, there was no chance for reshoots as the show had been cancelled.
For Number 3, had the show continued, it would have been kept as "first", and would have symbolised that Sam would never let himself go home because there was always some other wrong which needed putting right. As it was, the show had been cancelled, so they made it look like he was choosing to sacrifice his own homecoming to save Al's.