Beckett, Tom

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Aug 26, 2002
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Played by: David Newsom

Job: Presidential Liaison for P. Q. L.

First Appearance: Episode 301, ?The Leap Home? Date of Birth: 1946 (estimated)

Sam's older brother was a gifted athlete and made All-State in high school and played in the state basketball championships of 1964. Of course, he played for Elk Ridge, and regretted that Bentleyville was the one team they couldn't beat. He graduated form Annapolis in 1969 and finished his SEAL training just before Thanksgiving of that same year. Tom talked Sam out of accepting a basketball scholarship at Indiana State, presumably after speaking with LoNigro. His pet name for Sam was "little brother". IN the original history, Tom died on April 8, 1970, in Vietnam. Sam got to change that.

Tom led a SEAL squadron over to Vietnam in December of 1969. The Bravo squad had been on a tour of duty for five months when Sam Leaped into Magic, their radio man. After Magic saved his life, Tom put his arm around him and said, "Thanks, little brother." When Sam Leaped back to his hometown in December of 1971, he was told that Tom had just returned from Vietnam. (The Leap Home, The Leap Home Part II: Vietnam, Disco Inferno)*

Tom was recruited by General Hawkins to be one of four Observers for Project Liberty, and subsequently has a biochip implanted in his brain that links his brainwaves with Ziggy?s program. He is the new Presidential Liaison for P. Q. L. (as of VS Episode 1131, ?Give Me Death?)