BETH updates

Tuesday, September 7, 1982 has been posted, marking chapter 40.

(And I think we'll finally be leaving 1982 behind us after this and moving on to the next year...)

Also--a small note, I started this story in 1995. It got set aside for about 15 years because of how life goes, and I'm determined to finish it. I'm sticking to my original created characters for the daughters (who I named Bridget, Michele, Theresa, and Grace) and my original vision for how it would play out, so this story won't be tying in to the QL sequel series in any way.
Chapter 44 -- Wednesday, September 21, 1983 posted!

Just posted chapter 44 to BETH...Wednesday, September 21, 1983
Enjoy! And if you are enjoying it--please leave a comment either there in the form of a review or here in the thread or fanfic forum. Thanks!