CHEAP 2nd Row DIAMOND Ticket for Sale! MUST GO!


Project QL Intern
Feb 2, 2009
Ticket MUST go! So who knows? I might accept the offer you put forth and make both of us happy! :)

On offer is 1 ticket on the *2nd Row* (super close to the stage ).

Family issues have forced me to sell the ticket. :\

My ticket has been verified by the Quantum Leap Organising Committee. (Thank you Brian!) The seat number is the sold-out row of B44.

Includes entries to the Friday AND Saturday evening party, VIP registration line and a nice list of other goodies!

Paid USD$357.72 (I think that included some sort of handling fee as well).

Will let go for USD$240.00 OR why don't you make me an offer? :) (my email: angel90 @