just a little something i made.

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Re-Writing Life
Jun 3, 2005
ok, now that i have internet on my own computer back up, i can show you this net little thing i made in honor of myself and my best friend.

i did this cause in lots of ways, my best friend and i can relate greatly to the relationship sam and Al have.:cheers
QL Nut said:
Good job! Partners in time...ah, that was already used in the Back To the Future movies. :b

thanks. i have only seen a short part of the middle to the end of one back to the future movie. and i did not mean partners in time, but that, i am like Sam becasue i am the one that often needs my best friends assiatnce and advice, and my best friend is like AL BECASUE SHE helps me with things i know i could never have accomplish wihtout her. and she is like Sam becasue she is AP super smart, and i am like Al becasue i think letcherous about guys i find really cute sometimes, (at the moment Scott Bakula is at the top of my list, but i am not nearly as bad as Al)

so, its a funny counicdence.
SamBeckettfann said:
i don't know how to do those?

All you do is join, picka character from Quantum Leap that hasn't already been chosen (you can check with me on who is available) and just write a post as if you were that character. For example:


I walked into the Imaging Chamber and waited. Before I knew it, Sam was right in front of me.

"Hi, Sam," I said in a cheery voice.

See? It's easy!