Post here if you have received your convention DVD!

I received my DVD last week. Overall, I'm not overly disappointed. The screen caps that were shown were bad, but it was somewhat better than I was expecting. I did find the menus a little underwhelming and the lopping of the same track (and the copyright notice saying duplication is stealing from sick kids) was a little much.

The quality of the production, though, was unforgiving. On several of the panels the camera would stay focused on one member for five minutes, which would be fine if he or she was the one talking, and the jerking motions of the camera during the panning...when I was filming musicals in high school I understood to loosen the retaining bolt on the tripod.

The other thing that irked me was the transitions. At points during the discussions, it's clear that tapes are being switched out. I fully understand the need for this, I don't expect every panel to fit on a single 60/80 minute mini DV casette, but with three cameras, it could easily have been avoided (assuming the recording start times were scattered).

I think that the best thing though is the audio quality. At least that was feed in directly from the sound board, except during the switchover to the other camera during the Scott/Don discussion. Should a fan-produced DVD be made, I suspect this would be a problem, unless someone filters the audio to reduce the bass frequencies. (I have software to do this myself and would be willing to attempt some clean-up should it be deemed necessary).

Overall though, I'm content with the DVD. It was nice to be able to see the panel discussions, since I missed so many of them, running up and down the the autograph queue trying to make the wait seem shorter (or longer, depending on your perception).

For those of you who missed what I did at the convention, which would be all of you less 10 or 12, you may see it here:

Also, I would be happy to allow this to be put on the fan-produced DVD.
Barbara fought every attempt to include other footage on the DVD, even footage from others who were "official videographers". She also fought any attempt by Brian to review the footage to make sure it was of a high quality that would raise the largest possible amount of money for the charity. She also fought his attempts to get 500 copies sold instead of 300.

Barbara went out of her way to sabotage any chance of this being a great DVD. She stopped other people from recording video when Scott and Don were on stage.

Hours and hours of video in High Definition video were recorded (I've seen it, the footage is beautiful). And several other fans with expensive cameras recorded as well, who I am sure before all of the animosity and public drama, would have been happy to contribute to this project.

Ultimately, my issue is that a company was HIRED to shoot the video. And another company was supposedly HIRED to produce the DVD (although the name of the production company has remained a closely-guarded secret). Yet, this looks like a high school visual arts project.

Again I'm not just talking out of my butt. I offered to produce the DVD of this event. And High Definition cameras start at $350. Well within the budget.

Even provided with just the original flawed footage, I could have removed all the "rainbow blocks" using After Effects and a traveling garbage matte without negatively affecting the video. The rainbow blocks are so distracting, it really takes away my enjoyment of watching.

All along, this was hyped as "the best DVD we could expect". Now, we are all paying the price for Barbara's ego.
I'm finally home from visiting Bexter (drove a total of 9895kms or 6148 miles) and my DVD was waiting for me. Haven't watched my copy yet as when I got to Bec's house her copy arrived the same day and I have watched most of hers.

It is very amatuerish but it does trigger lots of very good memories which are priceless. I'm glad I got to experience this event and now I have a home movie of it and I didn't have to spend months putting it together.