Press Release for season Finale.....Judgement Day


Project QL Assistant
Nov 16, 2021
New press release by NBC regarding the finale of season 1. It doesn't give much away regarding spoilers but it's a heavily weighted leaper X episode and the final confrontation between QL 2022 and future QL.

Press Release



04/03/2023 (10:00PM - 11:00PM) (Monday) : Ben’s final leap of the season takes him closer to home than he ever expected. The team faces the ultimate showdown with Leaper X as they battle for the future of the Quantum Leap project and their lives.


Question is we saw him leap to the QL of the future but does he leap as himself ala Sam Beckett in Mirror Image or into a someone's else?

I'm inclined to think it was another body again but difficult to ascertain who.