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Mar 20, 2018
Part 1

This episode takes place straight after the TV episode "mirror image."

Previously on quantum leap

Sam leaps as himself in Beth's house and when the blue light fades away.

Beth is slow dancing with herself dancing all by herself to (georgia on my mind) in the middle of her front room and Sam steps forward saying.


Beth is startled by Sam being in her front room and she says to Sam

"who are you? And how did you get in here?"

"am not going to hurt you am here to help you, and help Al"


"your a friend of Al's? "

"yeah" Sam looking emotional and smiles continues to say

"am a friend of Al's"

"do you think that we can sit?"

Beth nods looking unsure

Both Beth and Sam sits down Sam on the floor and Beth on a near by chair

Sam takes a deep breath and let's it out slowly.

"I am going to tell you a story Beth"

Beth looking a little confused

"a story with a happy ending"

"but only if you believe me"

"and if I don't?"

"you will" Sam smiles

"I swear you will"

"but instead of starting with once apon a time let's start with a happy ending"

Sam smiles and continues to say

"Al's alive"

"and he's coming home"

Beth is over come with joy and starts to cry. She touches her mouth and the camera pans towards a picture of young Al.

And in that moment Al's picture starts to quantum leap and a wash of blue light covers his picture.

And as it leaps out Sam leaps into the void of blackness.....

Beth never remarried

She and Al have four daughters and will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary in june

Dr Sam Beckett never returned home.

And thoses words start to wash over with quantum leap energy and they quantum leap filling the entire screen and they disappear being replaced by these words......

And now the conclusion.....

Present day Beth's house

We see young Al's picture again the one that had quantum leaped and as the camera pans across we see a few pictures of Al being with his wife and daughters and we slowly pan to the main front room where both Al and Beth now live.

Al walks into the room wearing blue denim jeans and Jacket and he says to Beth

"Well where ever Sam has leaped he's, he's himself"

Beth says "because there is still no one in the waiting room?"

"yeah and we're are gonna to start a nano second search in the morning"

"yeah but that will take months and by then he will have leaped again"

"why months? It didn't take you months to find him?"

Al turns around and walks near the window and picks up Sam's picture and says moving back towards Beth

"I must have got lucky"

"Luck admiral calaviccl had nothing to do with it"

Beth stands up and walks next to him and Al looks at a picture of Sam.

"the two of you are so close it makes me envious"

Al looks at Sam's picture and puts his hand over his mouth looking at the picture in deep thought while Beth is touching Al's hair trying to ensure him saying.

"you're find him"

"I don't know if I am so sure"

"because that's what friends are for" Beth says to Al

The next morning Al is driving down the desert road driving towards project quantum leap he looks at himself in the rear view mirror and says outloud to himself.

"where ever you are buddy in time hang in there Sam am going to find you and bring you home if it's the last thing I ever do."

With no time to lose Al puts his foot down and the car zooms towards the project...

In the control room gooshie, Donna and the other staff are warming up the time machine about to start the nano search for Sam.

Al runs into the control room and says to gooshie.

"we have no time to lose warm up the accelerator chamber now! and get me a fermi suit"

"no I can't do that, that's against the rules admiral I can't"

Ziggy says

"you can't admiral there is only......"

"do it gooshie! I don't want to hear the odds that's an order!"

gooshie gives in and starts warming up the chamber.

gooshie taps buttons on the time machine and the chamber starts to warm up even more.

Donna says to Al

"what are you trying to do admiral? we are about to search for Sam"

"we need to do more than that, that could take months just to get a lock on Sam brainwaves if I leap now and go after him we have a better chance of finding him, me and him we have a connection."

gooshie passes Al the white leaping suit and he puts it on Al walks up the ramp and Donna says to Al

"are you sure you want to go after Sam Al?"

He turns around and replies to donna

"I've have never been so sure about anything in my whole life Sam saved me once before when he was here and am going to return the favor."

gooshie says "the chambers now ready Admiral"

Al turns around and walks up the ramp and the door opens and Al steps into the accelerator chamber he walks into the middle of the room and the machine starts to blow air and not long he is surrounded with white smoke and as Al starts to slowly raise his arms up above his head he says out loud to himself.

"Sam wherever you are in time buddy lock onto me now!"

And in that moment a burst of blue light comes out of the time machine and hits Ziggy and Al is covered in a wash of blue light and Al quantum leaps into time.....

gooshie walks up the ramp and as Al is quantum leaping gooshie makes a call to Beth and she answers saying


And gooshie says in the head set that he is wearing talking to Beth.

"Beth, Beth?"

"yes, yes what's happening?"

"he's leaping!"

"Ziggy said no but he's leaping!"

"but I throught you not ready?"

"tell Al that"

"OK put him on?"

"I can't he's in the accelerator!"

"Beth, Beth what do I do?"

"nothing..... here we go again"

Al quantum leaps in amazing blue light into time......

End of part 1
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Part 2

As Al was leaping and being washed all over with in bright blue light he only focused only on one question and that was

"where is Sam now?"

with his entire being holding onto the hope of being connected with his long lost friend through out time and space.

He felt like he was traveling high above the clouds flying through the clouds at All most at a unstoppable speed.

He knew that as long as he could he would find Sam if it was indeed the last thing that he ever did.

He started to feel that he was lowering himself and he started to fly towards a bar somewhere in time.....?

After a few minutes Al had landed and after the blue quantum leap light faded away he was standing in the door way of a very futuristic looking bar and he said to himself just thinking to himself in his mind.

"we did it?"

Then straight away he found it hard to remember and he said to himself.

"did what?"

He couldn't remember he walked slowly towards the bar but when he tried he found it hard to walk almost immediately because he discovered he was wearing high heels Al discovered he was wearing a dress!

He looked at himself being really confused was he a woman? He didn't remember being a woman he honestly thought he was a man wasn't he?

He walked over to the futuristic bar and noticed a date on a futuristic looking clock it read

"June 15 2019"

Al couldn't believe what he was reading was this truly his own time he wasn't sure he couldn't remember having a mind like Swiss cheese.

with a lot of difficulty while he was trying to walk in the heels he feet had hurt a lot and as he reached the counter he saw himself in the mirror and looking back at him from the looking glass was a young woman, she had dark hair and a very beautiful woman was looking back at him from the looking glass he almost loved himself.

Al touched his face all over and said out loud to himself

"who is that? Who am I?"

The bartender notices Al and trys to serve him and says

"looking for anything in particular?"

Al looks at the bartender suddenly a flash of memory crosses his minds eye and the words "Als place" comes to mind.

He repeats the words as if discovering some thing new

"Al's place?"

The bartender says "Al's place?" looking confused.

And al says "do you know what that means?"

The bartender smiles and says

"I know what that means so Al have you figured out why you are here yet?"

"why am here?" Al saying even more confused with the whole situation.

And at that moment a revelation came to him and he said out loud
Al almost regaining his memory

"Sam! Where's Sam?"

The bartender smiles and points to another man in the bar who is having a quiet drink all by himself a young man wearing a white shirt and wearing dark pants he gets up and is about to leave making for the door.

The owner of the shop says

"quickly before he goes"

Al turns hoping the stranger who is about to leave is this man called Sam but not being able to remember made this experience even harder for him.

He shouts towards the stranger.


The stranger opens the front door of the bar and looks at Al in answer to his name being called and he looks at Al and says


Trying to look beyond the woman Sam could see in front of him and in that moment Sam with a wash of blue light quantum leaped out and he disappeared in bright blue light and when the light faded away no one was left no one in sight.

Al runs up to the door and says to the owner behind him "I've missed him"

"that was Sam wasn't it?" Al saying as he slowly walks back up to the bar.

The owner smiles and nods at Al.

"you know where he's gone don't you?"

The bartender smiles and says

" may be a little, but the question is Al are you willing to do anything it takes to bring him back?"

"anything, he's my friend and I won't just leave him or let him down"

The bartender smiles and says

"God bless you Al"

And in that moment Al is covered in a wash of blue light and quantum leaps into time....

Meanwhile back at project quantum leap

As soon as Al quantum leaped out making his first quantum leap into time , Al's body was left with a stranger inside his body trapped temporarily.

she looks around feeling like she had just been beamed up by aliens she was wearing a white suit of some kind standing on some kind of metal plate. She was terrified.

With not being able to remember who she was or how she got there she could only see one exit in front of her she walked slowly to the exit, shaking in terror and as she stepped out of the chamber she was greeted by gooshie, gooshie said to her

"Al everything is going to be alright ok?"

Al looking really confused said out loud


Donna says to gooshie

"its OK I will get Dr beaks just take Al to the waiting room we have a new visitor with us again."

gooshie takes Al to the waiting room and the young lady now trapped inside Al's body sits down on the chair in the waiting room, waiting for her time to be able to return home again to her own rightfull place in space and time.

End of part 2
Leap date:- April 7, 1970
Place :- Vietnam

(A leap for Al)

Al was traveling through time again and he felt like he could travel through the heavens at a unstoppable speed. Traveling through time felt so unnatural but felt so amazing all at the same time it felt so good it felt like Al was running after Sam through the heavens and hoping that his next leap would be the leap that brings Sam home....

And not long after this Al could feel himself starting to land and after waves and waves of blue light was washing over him finally fading away over his entire body Al found himself standing next to a helicopter.

He felt a little dizzy from the leap in he recognized the area straight away Al knew where he was Vietnam. he knew it and he knew God knew it why he was here he didn't have a clue but he was hoping Sam was close somewhere over the horizon.

Right next to Al was a beautiful woman and he smiled looking at her. She was a news reporter she was trying to take pictures of the scene with her camera. And Al was dressed in a army uniform and he was hoping he would find out soon why he had come back to Vietnam.....

Meanwhile back at the project gooshie was pressing buttons on the time machine and the console was flashing all over with its usual colors.

And a hand link arose from the machine he took the hand link out and started to tap into the device and he looked up at Ziggy and said

"so have you finished tracking Al through time?"

Ziggy replys "I am still trying to lock onto his brain waves transmission in the imaging chamber but I have nearly finished it before the leaping cycle was complete I tracked Al to 1969 so it is possible he is quite close to that time frame try me again in a few hours."

Gooshie nods and says

"thank you Ziggy"

Gooshie dressed in his usual white suit pants and jacket it felt wried to him that now both the good Dr beckett and Al was both now traveling through time and now he was doing Al's job instead by being the main contact for them both. But he knew if anyone could bring Sam back he knew Al was the only one who could do it.

Sam just being lost in time and Al basically on a recuse mission at all costs to bring back the good Dr beckett back to the present.

Gooshie left the main control room and headed straight for the waiting room and after a few taps on the hand link the waiting room door opened and now Al's body being the soul user of the waiting room says to gooshie

"where am I?"

Gooshie replys "I am here to help you"

End of part 3
Part 4

After the platoon returned from the chopper and Maggie had greeted then Al went into his army tent and he walked up to his shaving mirror and he was glad to see a man looking back at him from the looking glass.

He said out loud to himself

"at least I am a guy those heels were too much."

He picked up a near by towel and wiped his face with the towel.

Suddenly he heard the imaging chamber door opening from behind him and it startled Al.

gooshie steps out of the door and a few more taps of the hand link gooshie was with Al in the tent.

Al turns around dropping the towel and says

"who are you?"

"don't you remember admiral?"

Gooshie says looking surprised

"remember what?"

"the experiment?"

Al thinks as hard as he can and replies

"yes a little..... Are you Sam?"

Gooshie smiles and says

"no am gooshie"

"yes I remember the one with the big ego"

Gooshie shakes his head and continues to say.

"am afraid not admiral that's Ziggy the hybrid computer that Sam built for project quantum leap is it coming back to you?"

"a little it's like my memory is all mixed up"

"that's to be expected OK Al you're leaped into army Colonel grimwald and it's April 7 1970."

"I throught I was a admiral? You just said that I was a admiral?"

"Al in your real life you are but the person you have exchanged places in time with is a colonel"

"yes I remember now I have quantum leaped to find Sam. Is he here?"

Gooshie taps the hand link and says

"in a way yes his younger self is a army soldier called magic but you can't interact with him Al we need everything so go the way it did before"

"so why am I here?"

Gooshie taps the hand link and reads directly from the hand link

"Ziggy says even tho you're main mission is to find Dr Sam Beckett. God, time or fate may still be moving you around in time to do what Sam had done before and that is to put right what once went wrong in time if you continue to correct wrongs in time Ziggy computes that you will find Sam in the process "

" OK so like I said before why am I here? "

" we're not sure we are still working on it but as soon as we know, we will let you know "

" OK thanks Gooshie OK go back and help Ziggy will you"

Gooshie nods and Al says

"wait let me see that"

Al trys to grab the hand link but his hand goes through the device and Al says

"ahhhh what are you?"

"don't you remember?"

"no..... Wait of course your a hologram tuned into my brain waves."

"that's right"

Gooshie taps into the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens he steps into the door and after a few more taps he is gone back to the future....

End of part 4
Part 5

Later that evening Al was with all the troops in the bar.

After one of the soldiers was showing off Maggie said to the soldier

"that was inspirational"

And after the mini show was over by one of the soldiers trying to balance a girl on his back while he was doing press ups on the bar. Maggie started firting with the rest of bravo team.

and from across the bar Al could see magic it was strange even tho he couldn't see Sam inside that African American soldier but he knew it was Sam a younger Sam still bouncing around in time with past Al as his guide to support him.

It was strange his friend was so close to him but yet still life times apart all he wanted to do was to tell Sam everything he knew up to this point but he knew protecting the time line was way more important.

It was strange Al knew he had been here before but couldn't remember much due to traveling through time it was like because he had leaped back it felt like his memory's had gone through a cheese greater. He could only remember pieces and pieces of this leap.

And in that moment the head programmer appeared next to Al like a ghost appearing out of thin air and he says to him tapping into the hand link.

"Al don't react to me but let's go outside I need to talk to you."

Al freezes and listens to his new best friend and nods and gooshie walks through the front wall of the shop of the bar into the night time air.

While everyone is distracted by magic talking to Al's past self in the bar.

Al steps outside and says to gooshie

" OK what do you have for me? "

Gooshie taps the hand link and it groans flashing red, yellow and green.

"Ziggy says you're hear Al to save Maggie Dawson from being hit by a land mine tomorrow.

Because in the original history Maggie didn't die but Tom Beckett did but because we know, now Sam saves Tom Ziggy computes a 97.3 per cent chance you're here to save her plus your self"

Al looking confused "me what do you mean me?"

"don't you remember admiral in this point in history your younger self had been caught as a prisoner of war and you won't be released for another 5 years"

"I see OK"

"so save Maggie and save your younger self is why you're here."

"OK that's good to know has Ziggy picked up future Sam yet is he here to?"

The head programmer taps the hand link and says

"for the moment we have done a nano search but all we have for the time being is zero for zero but we will let you know if anything changes but for now enjoy the party."

"OK thanks gooshie."

The imaging chamber door opens and after a few minutes gooshie disappears.

Al looks up into the night sky and says out loud as if Sam's future self could hear him.

"hopefully it won't be long until we meet again Sam"

Al heads back into the bar and enjoys the rest of the party.

The next evening Sam warned all his friends in the bar the night before that zapers where going to attack from the river near by but as before like history replaying it self the night went out with out any incident occurring.

End of part 5
Part 6

As soon as it became first light all of the seals of bravo team went aboard the copper.

Including Tom and magic. Al was sat in the pilots seat and the copper arose and went air born flying over Vietnam.

After a short while with history repeating it self with bravo team telling Maggie to stay in the copper and with her replying.

"I sir!"

And magic talking to past Al out of the copper.

Current Al landed the copper and bravo team moved out as soon as they were gone Al lifted the copper up and it began to become air born again traveling over Vietnam.

Suddenly gooshie appeared outside the aircraft and says to Al tapping into the hand link.

"what ever you do Al Maggie must stay on abroad this aircraft."

Al nods saying "Roger"

Not long after this Maggie was trying to convince Al that she needs the toilet and Al straight away says to her.

"am sorry Maggie you can't you have to stay on broad and that's a order."

Maggie replies "buy I've got to go I don't want to pee myself"

Gooshie then taps the hand link and says

"Al, Ziggy says you have to let her go from the copper"

Al Turning and trying to keep on eye on the plane and another on his invisible friend.

"why you just told me she can't leave?"

Gooshie reads from the hand link saying "all Ziggy has is just one word and it's

Al replies "what's that?"

"its a prize.... Ziggy says Maggie must take a picture of the pow who's not far from here Al you need to lower the copper now and go with her"

Al just simply says "Roger" shaking his head and saying to himself "make your mind up"

Al lowers the Aircraft and as soon as it touches down Al says to the co pilot.

"if we're not back in 5 minutes then take off with out us"

The co pilot nods.

Both AL and Maggie steps off from the copper and she heads for the bushes.

Al stands guard with a gun he had taken out of his side holster and follows Maggie.

As soon as Maggie is finished taking a pee she says to Al "get down now." They both drop to the floor and as the POW go by them Maggie takes a picture of young Al, young Al looking at her from afar and AL remembering this event all over again gets up quickly and says to Maggie "stay put"

She replies "I sir"

Al runs around the corner through the brushes and aims his gun at the two guards who is guarding younger Al they clock him and they push younger Al into the mud and they run off for their lives.

Younger Al feeling dizzy says to grimwald "thanks"

Al says looking like grimwald and talks to his past self.

"you don't know the half of it now come with me"

Young Al nods so with young Al free they run back to Maggie and with their copper gone leaving them behind they all run to try and meet up with bravo team.

After a while running through the brushes and swamp like conditions gooshie tells Al where all the land Mines are as soon as they see bravo team Maggie says to both Al's

"there they are!"

She makes a run for it and with magic saying "Maggie no!" trying to stop her from going any further.

And hologram Al trying to warn her too.

Current Al says "Maggie stop!"

She stops dead in her tracks Al catches up with here and very slowly all of them walk over the land Mines with out any further injuries.

And all of them this time around, young Al, Maggie and Tom moves out all alive and safe.

Back in the bar

Al looking like grimwald comes into the bar and Maggie follows shortly behind him with a envelope of her pictures.

As the soldiers are having fun again around the bar and one of the men doing press ups again balancing the same girl on his back while Sam is having a beer.

Past Al as a hologram says to Sam tapping into the hand link.

"I don't know how you did it Sam but this time round am free and Maggie doesn't die and Tom's alive too."

Al looking at the hand link while dressed in his white army uniform.

Past Sam says "ziggy must have been wrong and everyone is alive." Sam smiles to himself.

While Al sits down near the other end of the bar.

Gooshie says to Al

"you did it now Maggie lives and she wins the PULITZER prize for her last picture she took of your younger self and she collects the prize in person and she files the newspaper report for Ziggy to find in the future in the news paper you did it!"

"how about me the pow?"

Gooshie reads from the hand link

"he goes back into the army and gets reenlisted and spends the next 5 years fighting in Vietnam towards the war effort and you survive and after you're term is over you go back to Beth in the future as you did originally"

"that's good to know"

Al looks at magic from across the bar and as soon as Tom says.

"its midnight and am still alive," tapping and looking at his watch he says "thank you little brother"

And he looks squarely at Sam with his arm around his shoulder and Maggie kisses Sam on the cheek and in that moment Sam quantum leaps and with that Al quantum leaps too into time.....

When the leap. Fades away Al finds himself looking a lot like a hit man and he is pointing a gun towards a man on his knees at point blank range towards his head and the man says towards Al

"forgive me I won't do it again" trying to beg for his life.

All Al can say is

"oh boy!"

To be continued......

This ends a bold leap forward the next chapter and now it leads into season 6 as Al as the leaper looking for Sam.
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