Quantum leap a leap for Sam


Project QL Intern
Mar 20, 2018
A leap for Sam

Leap date 2021

(Brand new fan fiction story based on the new series)

Dr Ben song risked everything when he used. The quantum leap Accelerator to travel back in time.

Now our team's working to find out why.
As he leaps between bodies with no memory of who he is

He still has one hope that his next leap takes him back to the place and people he calls home!

Ben with his eyes closed flickers from life to life with different time zones passing him by very quickly within a blink of a eye one moment he looks like a cop the next a women the next a school teacher. It felt like to ben he was on a Temporal fair ground merry go round ride and when the leap had finished Ben got his breath and opened his eyes.

He found himself in a graveyard and it was in the middle of the night and Infront of him was a grave stone that read.

"In loving memory of Al calavicci"

Ben read the name again and was shocked to read the grave stone.

Ben quickly checked his pockets and he found a blue wallet in his pants he opened the velcro wallet and when he looked inside he could see the ID of Dr Sam Beckett.

Ben completely shocked realized he had leaped into Sam Beckett!

Mean while back at the project

Magic was in his office drinking a hot drink and Ian enters the office and says.

"We have a new feature that you might want to see?"

"Have you located Ben yet?"

"No Ziggy's still trying to locate him but come with me I need to show you this I am so excited!"

"Ok" magic looking intrigued

Both Ian and magic lefted his office and enters the server room of the project.

Magic says to Ian

"This better be good"

Ian smiles and says

"It will be worth it trust me"

Ian walks over to a laptop that is connected to Ziggy and he inputs a start command.

"Ziggy online!"

All the servers burst into life with their lights glowing and suddenly in the middle of the room a woman appears as if by magic wearing a silver futureist suit.

Ian turns to magic and says very excitely

"Magic meet Ziggy!"

"What?" Magic looking really shocked.

The women in the middle of the room says

"Hello magic I am Ziggy the hybrid supercomputer that Dr Beckett designed and created."

"I know who you are."

Magic turns to Ian and says

"How did you do this?"

Ian puts his hands in his pockets and explains

"I have used similar technology that the imaging chamber is made out of there are holographic emitters placed in the room to project Ziggy in human form she is only a hologram but now we can talk to her face to face as so to speak."

Magic walks towards Ziggy and looks at her closely.

"This is amazing "

"It is I owe my physical appearance to Ian " replys Ziggy in human form. (Ziggy looking like Deborah Pratt)

"I take it you are aware of whats happening?"

"Of course Dr Ben song has quantum leaped and your team are investigating as to why"

"Ziggy can you shed any light to why Ben leaped? Says magic

"I am still running scenarios try me again in approximately 43.3 hours"

Magic smiles to himself

"Ian this is amazing!"

Meanwhile project quantum leap waiting room

Bens body gets up from the chair he was sitting in wearing the white quantum leap jump suit.

Sam now in bens body walks over to the near by wall mirror and he sees bens refection looking back at him through the looking glass.

Sam smiles and says

"Oh boy!"
It had been a long time for Sam since he saw a stranger looking back at him from the looking glass.

Since Sam had leaped into the bar as himself he had carried on like that for years until now.

Sam recognized the jump suit he was wearing and looked around and said.

"Am home"

He smiled in the same way as he had always done but the waiting room was very different to the one he had remembered

The room looked like a police interview room with chairs and a table in the center of the room and a big magic mirror on the wall just like the same one you would have in a police station. Where people could look in but people inside the room could not look out and only saw there own reflection.

Sam was hoping someone was monitoring the situation and he shouted out loud

"It's me Sam let me out!"

Sam walked over to the door and put his hand onto the hand scanner which was right next to the door on the wall.

But as he held his hand on the reader, the reader turned red and wouldn't let him out.

Sam tried banging on the door trying to shout through the door.

"It's me Sam let me out!"

Meanwhile back in the server room

Everyone was marvelling at being able to talk to Ziggy face to face.

Addison walked into the server room and stood still when see saw a woman she didn't recognize standing in the middle of the room.

Magic says to Addison smiling

"Addison meet Ziggy"

"Ziggy?" Addison said looking very confused.

Ziggy turns around and says

"It is good to finally meet you Addison Augustine"

Addison marveled at Ziggy and continued to say.

"How is this even possible?"

Ian smiling like a cheshire cat adjust his glasses and said.

"It's a long story but Ziggy is a hologram we can now interface with face to face."

"This is amazing"

Suddenly Ziggy says to the team

"I have located Ben he has leaped in new Mexico July 27 2021. And who he has leaped into is still unknown "

Magic says to Ian

"Can we view Ben?"

"Of course ok good bye for now Ziggy"

Ian enters computer commands into the computer and suddenly Ziggy disappears like a ghost and is replaced by Ben as a hologram Infront of them.

"We can use the same technology to view Ben in the time zone he has leaped into we can see him but he can't see us."

Addison looks at the hologram of Ben and says.

"Am going in"

Suddenly an alarm goes off and Ian looks out at his computer read out and says

"We have a problem in the waiting room it seems like our new visitor is trying to get out"

Addison "ok am heading to the waiting room "

And she leaves the server room.

Sam repeatedly hits the door and says

"Gooshie it's me Sam let me out!"

Then suddenly Addison appears in the room and says to Sam.

"Hello am here to help you?"

Sam walks over to Addison not knowing who she is and looking really confused and continues to say.

"Are you a hologram?"

"Yes I thought it would be faster to be able to talk to you as a hologram." Said Addison

"Who are you?"

"My name is Addison Augustine who are you?"

Sam looks at Addison and says

"Am Dr Sam Beckett"

And with that Addison says

"Oh boy!"
Ben left the graveyard and it was early evening in America.

Since Ben had started leaping he felt like a fish out of water. Being lost in time was fun at times but it was also very scary and he didn't always enjoy the experience.

But all Ben wanted to know now was who had he leaped into this time and what did Ziggy want him to do this time to leap out of here.

Ben said outloud hoping it would work

"Addison! Addison!" he hoped other people wouldn't see him as a nut case shouting at no one on the side walk.

Then not to long Addison appeared.

Ben looked at Addison and said

"Thank goodness where have you been?"

Addison smiled and said

"We had a little problem back at the project"

"I hope it wasn't too much of a problem" said Ben.

Addison replyed


"So where am I this time?"

Addison looked at her blue round handlink and continues to say

"It's new mexico July 27 2021 and you're leaped into....."

"I know Dr Sam Beckett" replyed Ben

"Yes how did you know that?"

"I found his wallet"

Addison says to Ben excitedly

"This is amazing Ben we have found the creator of quantum leap."

"So beem me up then if I started this merry go round of leaping to find this guy then it's mission complete now isn't it? Beem me up"

Addison inputs data into her handlink and she reads the read out.

"According to Ziggy there is still something you need to do in this time zone before you can leap finding Sam alone isn't enough."

"Ok can you please go back and find out why I am here please?" Said Ben

"I will but in the meantime it might be a good idea to check yourself into a hotel or find sam's home."

"Ok where's Sam home?"

Addison types into the handlink and finds the address and gives it to Ben.

"But be aware Ben the house is empty and hasn't been lived in for years." The project are the ones still paying for his home and maintaining it.


Addison shows ben the directions of sam's home from the graveyard and she disappears as quickly as she had appeared.

She was left alone in the imagining chamber and she walks out back into the project.

Addison walks up to magic and says

"What are we going to do with Sam are you going to authorize him out of the waiting room and see the project which he had left behind."

Magic in deep thought

"For now I think it's best for his own safety that he remains in the waiting room we don't know and can't predict what he might do if he is allowed out and see the project the way it is right now"

Addison nods listening then suddenly

Sam enters the server room and says to the team.

"It's been a long time"

Magic suddenly panicking says out load

"security! to the server room now!"
Sam feeling shocked by what magic has just ordered Sam says to the team.

"It's me Sam Beckett am not going to do anything it's me am home"

Magic says to Sam.

"I know but you being here was very unexpected eventuality we weren't expecting to see you ever again and we can't allow anything unexpected to happen to the project not right now not until we know why he is there in new Mexico."

"Who's in charge of the project now? the last time I checked it was me"

"I know but because you have been gone for so long the pentagon has asigned me as in charge of the project."


The security team enters the room and magic orders the team.

"Please escort our visitor back to the waiting room please"

Sam objects and says

"That's not necessary I promise I will be on my best behavior I won't do anything without your express permission."

"Sam I can't risk the security of this project"

Addison interrupts magic and trys to reassure him by saying.

"I will be responsible for Sam put him in my care. At the end of the day we wouldn't have a project without him."

Magic listening very carefully says

"Ok, ok security abort but Addison if anything happens you're career is at risk."

"I understand " replys Addison.

Sam smiles and says

"Thank you"

Sam looks around the room and says

"I don't know what you're team have done but the project was very different to the one I remember."

Addison spends the next few hours bringing Sam fully up to speed telling him how the original project in new Mexico was abandoned and all the technology was recycled and transfered over to Los Angeles. And gooshie and Al passing away And explaining how Ben quantum leaped without their permission and not giving any reason as to why.

"So why do you think? Ben wanted to leap?" Sam said to Addison.

"Well I thought he had done it to find you but we are still unsure Ziggy believes Ben has leaped into you for another reason but for now we don't know why"
Ben arrived at Sam's home he found the front door key in his pocket.

And when he used the key and opened the door the house was completely empty. He closed the front door behind him and the house was lovely it was a big American house. And the house had pictures of Sam and of Al and his wife Donna plus his daughter Sammy Jo.

Even tho the house was well kept you could tell it hadn't been lived in for a very long time. It seemed sad really but it was nice to, to see happy pictures of Sam and of his family through out the house.

Ben made himself at home and Addison appeared again.

Ben said to his hologram guide

"If it's 2021 I could go to the project in this time am home. I don't need to leap this time I could just stay here and wait for present day to catch up."

"But Ben you're in the wrong body plus you can't risk going back to the project now you have to remember you're past self is there, right now and if you meet him you could change your own personal past and undo everything you have done so far through time."

Ben in deep thought continues to say

"So close."

"So does Ziggy know why am here yet?"

Addison presses the handlink and says

"There's a 92.3 per cent chance you're leaped into Sam to meet Donna Beckett and to reassure her that when the time is right Sam will return to her. Because otherwise she will die heartbroken."

"That's got to be his wife"

"Yes it is it's a shame she has been left behind just as much as Sam has.

Addison double checks on the handlink.

"Ok where is Donna right now"

Addison pulls up the information on the handlink she is living by herself nearby.

Addison projects the address details and map from the round blue handlink.

"Ok am going now"

Ben leaves the house gets into sam's car in the nearby garage and drives off to see Donna.

Not long after this Ben pulls up outside Donna's home and he looks at Sam's refection in the rearview car mirror and he says to himself.

"Ok let's save Donna Sam"

Ben gets out of the car walks up the drive and knocks on Donna's front door.

She opens the door and is in complete shock being over joyed with emotions she grabs Ben like there is no tomorrow and gives him the best hug ever and she says.

"Sam you kept your promise your home!"

After the hug

Ben looking awkward says.

"Not exactly"

"What do you mean Sam?"

"Can I come in?"

"Of course"

Both Ben and Donna enter the home and Addison appears in the living room and reminds him.

"Ben you can't tell her who you really are."

Ben quickly says to his hologram.

"To hell with the rules."

Donna says looking really confused at his behavior

"What rules what are you talking about?"

Ben spends the next hour explaining he isn't Sam and he had leaped into Sam for her to reassure her Sam would come back home to her when his adventures in time where complete.

Donna looked Sad and said to Ben.

"Even tho you look like Sam it's like I have lost him all over again."

"I know but the comfort I can give you is I can spend time with you now."

Donna smiles and says

"Thank you"

Addison looks at her handlink and says

"You're done it Ben you should be leaping"

Ben looks at Addison

"So why am I not leaping?"

Donna looking confused seeing Sam looking at thin air.

"Are you talking to a hologram?"

"Yes" replyed Ben to Donna

Addison says

"This is different according to Ziggy the reason why you're not leaping is because Sam has to decide if he wants to continue leaping or to leap home!"

Meanwhile project quantum leap

Addison talks to Sam in bens body

"Ziggy says you need to decide if you want to carry on leaping or to come home?"

Sam in deep thought says

"I want to talk to Ziggy"


They power up Ziggy and she appears as a hologram in the center of the room.

Sam with tears in his eyes says

"Ziggy it's me Sam I know you are a computer but I love you so much without you I wouldn't have achieved my dream of traveling through time and helping everyone along the way. I leaped into new Mexico to pay respects to my old friend Al without him I wouldn't be the person I am today."

And he looks at the whole team and says

"I am so greatful for you all to keep my project alive and now it's up to you to keep going and keep fighting the good fight."

Sam looks back at Ziggy and with tears rolling down his face.

And he looks down for a moment and looks back up trying to hold back the tears.

"Even tho it kills me to say this I can't come home not yet anyway like Ben I need to stay out there and leap from life to life to put right what once went wrong because if I come back now a lot of people are going to be let down plus Ben can't do it all on his own he needs me too."

Sam looks at Ziggy and says

"It's time for me to go but I will be back when the time is right."

With the whole team watching Sam, Sam pretends to hug the hologram of Ziggy with his arms going through her hologram and in that moment Sam is covered in blue quantum leap light and both Ben and Sam quantum leap into time!

When the leap cycle is complete Sam finds himself back in his own body with Donna and being overjoyed with emotion he tells Donna he is back and spends the whole night with her.

The next morning he says his good byes to Donna and he is covered once again with quantum leap light and he leaps! Into time Leaving nothing behind.

When the leap had finished for Ben, ben finds himself in a cockpit of a passenger plane and he has leaped into the pilot!

Looking at the controls not sure what he is doing or even not knowing how to fly this thing he says.

"Oh sh.......!"

The end