Scott Bakulas current Media Work!.....


Project QL Assistant
Nov 16, 2021
I find it very unusual Scott at the moment is doing literally no media work.

Two of his legacy shows Quantum Leap and Star Trek are currently seeing very healthy revivals and having played a huge role in both i'm not seeing him do interviews or talk show appearances.

I mean that's a little weird in itself with reviews for QL 2022 being kind to the show but also the extraordinary acclaim ST: Picard is getting.

Is he shunning the spotlight or purposely keeping a low profile with the intent of showing up in either / both?
I've said many times I expect Scott to show up in the new QL in either season 2 or 3 (the season 3 finale at the absolute latest) and yes he *could* be who we see in the season 2 premiere.

As for Star Trek - yeah I would be very happy to see Enterprise get the love it deserves. I hope Scott gets the opportunity to do something special for both and not some nightmare where he and fans can only have one. Honestly his acting ability shone far more in Quantum Leap but Enterprise's finale was a travesty too - the show had flaws but it was really just hitting its stride when it was canceled. I've got "Faith of the Heart" that both Captain Jonathan Archer and Dr. Samuel Beckett will "leap" back onto our screens at least one more time.