Shall I change my avatar?

Al The Observer

Project QL Intern
Feb 1, 2006
I need help deciding whether or not to change my avatar.

Here is the current one:

Here is the one I'm considering:

I like them both. What do you think?

PS: Is my signature too distracting, or is it OK?
I like them both, but personally prefer the original. That may just be the anti-smoker in me though!

Are the asterisks and dashes in your sig some form of morse?
I keep trying to make it spell a message, but my knowledge of Morse Code, like most peoples, barely extends beyond SOS!
Very good, Al The Bartender! It is Morse code, also called CW (in the radio world) and it does spell Quantum Leap! I'm a radio nut, and it just seemed natural. Each asterisk is a dot (or a short beep) and is pronounced "dit", and each hyphen is a dash (or a long beep) and is pronounced "dah". So, "dah-dah-dit-dah, dit-dit-dah, dit-dah, dah-dit, dah, dit-dit-dah, dah-dah; dit-dah-dit-dit, dit, dit-dah, dit-dah-dah-dit" says Quantum Leap! That is, if you speak "code."

So, I have two votes for the original avatar, and two votes for the possible new one. Do I hear any more?
I like the fourth one, but the quality is lower. If you could get a better quality, I'd say fourth. If not, I'd have to say take your new one.

Hope it helps!

Well, I've counted the votes, and I'll change my avatar. At least for now. I have them all saved so I can go back if wanted.

Edit: Clara, I looked, but could not find a better quality "Admiral" avatar. Sorry.