Siren Lothoman

QL Damsel

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

Played by: Kathy Ireland

Job description: Training Logistics Director

Parents: Dr. Zo? Malvison and Dr. Nathaniel Lothoman

Siren was born March 24, 1994, the first of twin daughters.

Siren received her primary and high school education within the complex, and was tutored by the highest minds in the country as per Lothos' orders. She is brilliant when it comes to solving problems with mathematics and working with the computer as a tool to help her, she can solve almost any problem that comes to her. That is precisely the reason that she was placed in the Logistics Training Sector to catch any problems that come to her desk via reports before they head back to Lothos.

She's is more like her father when she gets upset, burning hot and long, but normally has a smooth demeanor. She is one of two in the complex that does not have an implant. Unfortunately, Siren was born with diabetes and has to have insulin every morning to counteract the onset of seizures. When she was born, Dr. Edward Grant rushed her to the infirmary to stop the seizure that she was having. Luckily the medicine calmed her and Edward cradled her in his arms and promised that this one child would never see him in punishment.

Siren also is the mysterious woman in the complex. Unfortunately, Siren cannot leave her quarters without a mask covering her face. It was explained to her early in her life that she was to wear a mask because Xavier, her step-father, told her that it was for her safety; so that others would not know that she was 'his' daughter. Siren also wears a beaded necklace that has a talisman hanging from it - given to her by Lothos himself. This present was given to her upon graduating two years earlier than normal in high school because of her fast learning skills. Since it was an honor to her for him to give it to her, she wears it all the time.

Siren enjoys reading stories, playing the piano, and likes to listen to all kinds of music. She has never learned how to dance and has missed out on a lot of activities that she should have experienced growing up. She has never experienced parties, the effects of alcohol and has never been topside to see the world. She has been very sheltered in her life and although she knows of the things that she is missing out on, it doesn't bother her. What makes up for this, is her voluntary work at the daycare center on the weekends - the infant ward. She enjoys kids of all ages.