Project QL Intern
Mar 19, 2007
Newark, New York
Just curious to know what the rest of you thought about a sliders reboot. Quantum leap and sliders have been and will always be a couple of my top shows. With QL doing pretty good and seemingly getting you think Sliders will have a good shot?
I get that. Todays TV shows are a bit different from when I was younger, honestly I was nervous QL wouldn't do so well with todays audience but it seems to be doing all right so far. Obviously the new Sliders wouldn't be the exact same as it was but it would be nice to see how it would be. John Rhys Davies said he would be on board if the show kept to the original premise it had before it became a monster of the week show. In my opinion if he is on board, I don't think it would take much to get the rest of the original cast involved. It would be extremely interesting to see how it would be now a days.
I was a fan of Sliders. I would be happy to see it return in some way. It’s highly unlikely Sabrina Lloyd would ever return. She is happily retired from acting. I had vague memories of reading that. Before I posted this I looked for more info. Discovered this article she wrote about her home from 2020. She is raising her kids and happy to leave all acting behind her.