Stardust Chapter 01

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Stardust Chapter One

On January 25, 1985, Dr. Samuel Beckett reported to Project Starbright. The same day, one of the Project Administrators, Captain Albert Calavicci faced the dissolution of his fifth marriage. Neither man could suspect that their paths would cross as one set forth on a new adventure in his career and the other tried to make sense of a life that seemed to be falling apart.

Written by: Jennifer L. Rowland

Please let Jennifer know what you thought of her story!
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Excellent beginning, Jennie! Normally, I don't read fanfiction stories that are outside of "virtual" continuity (so as not to confuse myself and get details mixed up), but because you're the writer of this, I needed to. ;) "Stardust" might very well be changing my mind on that policy, though. I might have to try reading other stuff that's out there on the web, if they're as good as this.

I said it over at the Starbright board (before the episode topics got deleted from the crash) :rolleyes but I feel like my writing pales in comparison to yours. I will say something else that's kind of weird... seeing as how I read the stories from Brian's site and sort of "hear" the voices of each character in my head when I read, I was imagining Joe Mantegna as the voice of Dr. LoNigro, even though you wrote this long before Brian "recast" him. :lol

Anyway, I digress. I look forward to reading more of this "alternate" prequel story! :D
Thanks!! :)

Wow, Damon, thanks! I'm honored that you made an exception for my writing--and enjoyed it!

btw, if you do venture into "nonVS" fanfic, I *highly* recommend Ann Marie's work!

Wow. . . That was incredible! I've always imagined what Sam and Al's first meeting was like-- particularly since the first time I saw the Episode "Play Ball." So far this prequel has far exceeded my expectations! I've only just finished reading part one, but I think it captures what both men were experiencing at the time perfectly. My heart was breaking as I read about Al's pain and anger, and it swelled with joy at the insight that we always knew Sam possessed when it came to his soon-to-be best friend. I can tell I'm going to be crying like a baby by the time I finish reading this. :wavey :hat