Story Ideas


Project QL Intern
Feb 23, 2006
Here are just a few ideas that I had in mind but don't have the time to sit down and 'em. Here they are.


  • Sam Leaps into a door to door salesman in the 1950s and his task is simple: to make sure that the Leapee befriends a lonely, elderly woman so that she doesn't pass away alone.
  • Sam Leaps into a thrillseeker just as they had jumped out of an airplane (interesting Leap-in). His task is to make sure that the Leapee's friend doesn't die in an ill prepared stunt.
Those are just a couple of them. I'm sure to have more posted soon.

Al R. said:
cud i possibly try ad make one of those ideas come to life?

Of course not! Go right my guest. It's all good in the '!
In fact I have another idea that I can share with ya. Anyone, please feel free to use it to your liking. Trust me...I got plenty of 'em.

Story Idea: Sam Leaps into a security officer at a very hectic mall. What seems like a simple Leap turns into something much more when one of the mall employees is the target of someone's harassment. That harassment soon turns into a high stakes situation...

May sound kinda bland but, hey, it's