QL Damsel

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Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

played by: Hinton Battle

Job: Chief Programming Technician / Evil Leaper

First Appearance: Episode 516, ?Revenge of the Evil Leaper?

Current Status: Deceased (died in VS Episode 725, ?Fallen Hero, Part II?)

His name is pronounced "Tems" like the river in Great Britain. Several times he has been an observer when Zoe leaped to find Alia. He enjoyed every minute of his stint as a hologram.

He is a fan of James Brown and leeches after women. This forty-three year old man is very vain and thinks of himself as every woman's want and desire. He's very intelligent but he is sly enough that Lothos uses him to sneak around the complex to spy on others.

He is also very flamboyant in everything that he does, and will kill anyone anywhere without blinking an eye.