The Season 5 Intro Edit


Project QL Intern
Feb 28, 2022
Anyone who's watched Season 5 of Quantum Leap in syndication or on blu-ray knows the intro for the season doesn't makes sense as the clips aren't in sync with the music. NBC obviously edited the intro for syndication (why???) but what I don't understand is if the blu-rays use the original unedited episodes why is the Season 5 intro still edited?
Yeah this has bothered people for a while. If you are a patreon supporter of the Quantum Leap Podcast, their Matt Dale just posted an edit of the Season 5 intro with the clip timing fixed.
Good on him! I compared the syndicated intro with the original one and I think the cuts were made to the journey through the clouds. Such a little thing that throws off the timing of everything else. Very strange though the cut intro made its way into the original airing masters. I hope if the show gets re-released at some point they fix it along with any other issues the blu-rays had. There's plenty of room for improvement. :\
  • Fix the neon green Leap-in on "Hurricane". Just take the leap in from the previous episode which has the correct colors.
  • Fix the framing on Portrait for Troian which is panned to the right for the latter half of the episode.
  • Do a better job blending the digital effects on leaps. The last camera cut before Sam leaped is in standard definition sometimes for several seconds before the leap. This could be high definition with a fade.
  • Recut season 5 title sequence to have correct timing to music
  • Recut the season 1-5 saga sell using clips from the original episodes to increase the quality.
It's not even that long a list.