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Sep 1, 2002
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Bellisario/Bakula Interviews

Date: 12/14/2000
From: alongtimefan

It's icey where I live, so I've a little extra time to look around on the internet. There's some interesting stuff out there. I found a recent Bellisario interview where he talked about Q.L. Thought I'd post a bit of what he said here. Maybe somebody else has seen interesting things to post, too? It's like a Christmas present to the BBoard.

1. Bellisario Interview:
He said he conceived of Q.L. after reading a book about Einstein's theories. He awoke at 3am and wrote down the idea for Q.L.

Bellisario said he wrote the initial episode for Sam's first leap as one in which Sam landed in the dessert (Monument Valley) with amnesia and naked, with no sight of humans or civilization. Sam thought he'd possibly leaped into the paleolithic era. He was actually in 1954. He was eventually picked up by a local Sherrif with 1954 license plates on his car, but Sam thought the guy just never changed his plates. Anyway, he was taken back to town and charged with the murder of the dead man the sherrif had in his car when he picked Sam up.

Then, Bellisario said he wrote the pilot episode and discarded to other but said now, he wished he had filmed this first idea, as well. He also talked like he presumed he' eventually do a Q.L. film...but referenced that the decision is with the studios. He said he had a special relationship with Bakula and would like to work with him again.

2. Bakula Interview:
I found a 1995 interview with Bakula (I should never read these things). Some of it was interesting. Some of the interviewer's questions were silly, and unrelated to Q.L., his career, or the acting craft. But, he was gracious by answering at all.

Anyway, a couple of things...Bakula said he'd like to do a Q.L. film (yeh!). He also said said that when Q.L. was still in production, the studios and the "powers that be" were concerned that his Sam was not attractive enough to woman...and, that this hurt the show (who are these guys?). They wanted something done about this (he didn't say what), but Bellisario wouldn't change Sam. Only GTF knows what they wanted Bellisario to do.

One more excellent example of why Bellisario must come back along with Al and Sam in a Q.L. movie or new t.v. show. Can you imagine what some unfettered studio "nozzle" could do with Al and Sam without Bellisario's vision?

Anyone else find anything interesting to post? I need to go to work now, road ice is melting according to the news, but I hope that all of us, most assuredly, will...


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Snow Days...

Date: 12/14/2000
From: BlueGoat

I've been out of school the last two days 'cause of snow...which is a good thing because I won't have to make them up and the end of the school year (being a senior and all)
Do you know what's funny about the second interview? I just read that today :)
Are any of you familiar with this site:
It's good information updated very often! :)
That's where I got the interview...I don't acctually read PlayGirl...and certainly not in mom would be worried if I read that at age 12 o_O


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Coincidence/Silly Photos/Moms are right

Date: 12/14/2000
From: alongtimefan

Bluegoat ....Yes, It was a coincidence. And, Good for you and your mom. It's been a long time since I was in high school but I don't read Playgirl (or Playboy) for that matter, either. Raunchy is raunchy, regardless of one's age.

Bakula's interview was only the slightest bit raunchy, however, and we can overlook those parts...who knows what he really said anyway, given the editing process. I did feel bad for him that a grown man was asked to do such silly photos, but then, he's an actor and probably used to such things.

A quick tie in to Q.L. and moms. Given Sam's wholesome family background, imagine the scene as Sam someday explains to his own mom how he came to have a daughter who would've been born when he about 13 y.o. I don't think she would've been pleased about this, regardless of leaping. Just goes to show...Best not to get into such binds with one's mom.