Trevor Conroy

QL Damsel

Al's Place / TVS & QR & Radio Files Administrator
Staff member
Aug 26, 2002
Near Austin Texas

Played by: David James Elliot

Job description: Logistics Technician

Parents: Lyle and Marion Conroy, both still living.

Trevor was born on April 4, 1989, the first of two sons, born three years before his younger brother, Ronald (Ron). A third child, Trevor and Ron's only sister, Rose, was born sixteen months after Ron, but died twelve hours after birth.

Trevor received his primary and high school education within the complex. But because Lothos was highly impressed with Trevor's exceptional talent for mathematics, especially in logistical logic, he arranged for him to attend New York University, from which he graduated cum laude June 2012. Despite impressive offers from several businesses, there was never any question of where Trevor's talents would be put to use, and he returned to Lothos' complex one week after he graduated from NYU. Lothos immediately placed him in the primary logistics area of his complex where he had been until about 3 weeks ago. At that time, he was transferred to the Logistics Training Sector where he trains other technicians to perform the less meticulous, but very necessary computer duties dealing with the complex's primary function...time travel. He thoroughly enjoys the work he does, and though not a workaholic, he won't put an assignment or task aside until it's completed. When working he is very meticulous and precise, keeps his newly assigned office in apple order. However, though not a slob by any measure, he's not so much of a 'neatnik' in his personal quarters. He takes full advantage of the complex's housekeeping service.

Trevor has a great sense of humor, and likes light jazz and much to the chagrin of some of his pals, also has a thing for the "old big band" music. And he loves chocolate! He also enjoys the outdoors, when he gets the opportunity to get outside the complex. Enjoys hiking and fishing on the surprisingly extensive acreage, which surrounds the complex, all of which is owned, exclusively, by Lothos.

Trevor has a stubborn streak and once that fire is lit, it burns long and hard. However, he is a sucker for sad teary eyes and reluctantly gives in. However, he is a gentleman - one of the knights in shining armor as it were - hands down.