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John64 08-19-2018 03:45 PM

Quantum leap the beginning again part 4
As Al steps back into the future he trys to talk to gooshie but gooshie was no where to be seen and no longer there.

Al turns to ziggy and says

"wheres gooshie?"

"admiral gooshie has disappeared from our time line because Dr beckett now does not quantum leap the reason for him to be here has gone."

"so how come I can still remember Sam leaping around in time I still have thoses memories"

Ziggy replys

"We are in the eye of the storm the effects of the past are slowly starting to overtake our future as it becomes more and more certain you will disappear and no longer have thoses memories"

"what per cent is it at the moment?"

"its at 45 per cent sure at the moment and it we slowly start to raise until its 100 per cent certain"

"OK so do you know what stops Sam from taking his first ever quantum leap?"

"yes Admiral I have found a newspaper report from 1995 reporting that Sam beckett was shot dead and will occur where Sam is now in 1 hour in the future"

"OK so Sam only has a hour left what happens to the project after Sam dies?"

"the project is deemed as a failure and all staff are reasigned and the equipment is sold off and used in other projects and this complex is now used in 1999 as a army training complex to train new recruits"


Donna walks into the control room and suddenly she disappears in front of Al and like a ghost she disappears from reality.

Al says to himself

"right I need to stay with Sam"

Al runs and enters the imaging chamber

End of part 4

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