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Originally Posted by leaper1
You mean you didn't think that when he was giving the huckster speech in Single Drop of Rain? Even Sam thought it when he'd delivered that one!
Oh, I love the huckster speech! It's just so self-consciously cheese-tastic.

No, the bank scene speech in PHB misses the mark a bit. Sam's lecturing this loan officer about his responsibilities to the people "behind" him as if the loan officer's life is peaches and cream. From my experience (and that of people close to me), that guy probably had a more miserable work life than the janitor. The janitor, assuming he's black, is in his "place," so there'd be no reason for the white employees to constantly put him there. But the derision directed at the loan officer, which he compellingly describes, would not stop once he "makes it." It would only get worse, as his white counterparts would constantly remind him that he really isn't good enough to be on their level, and he'd better not get uppity about himself. They wouldn't stop telling the n-- jokes; they'd tell more. And he'd have to swallow his pride like a lump of acid and take it. Every. Single. Day. He's got a desk at the very back of the bank, and he probably doesn't get paid as much as the man reading the newspaper. If he had submitted that loan, his bosses would only have used it as a reason to find him deficient and sack him.

So, yeah, Sam, STFU.
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