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I love this episode not only ofr the wonderful scene of the pool playing and how Al was so thankful to Black Magic for his help as a mentor to him in a way when he was a young man.
But recently my favorite scene in the episode is the one where Sam and the granddaughter play the piano and sing that beautiful spiritual song. I was so touched by that song. It has given me hope too.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
I like this episode. It does not go on my top favorites list but I loved how Al valued Black Magic so much and set his heart to helping Sam help him in return for the kindness the old man had shown him as a kid. I liked how Black Magic was so nice to Al and wanted to help him find a family rather than send him back to the orphanage. I wish he had succeeded because Al really did need a family to love him.

Another thing I liked about this episode was the charactor of the Granddaughter, a determined young woman out to make something of herself and will not give up on whats she wants despite that society will not cooperate with her. I like how she has no fear when it comes to something she believes in, a trait also shown in other episodes as well and even by Sam himself throughout the series. Even though he must play his part there are situations in which Sam's true heart and beliefs can not be pushed back into hiding and even are necessary to complete the task. Violet also is very cheerful despite her failure and I lover her little catch phrase "poppy if you live to be a hundred you will never cease to amaze me". Which in a sense is true for all of us, good ole Sam can never cease to amaze any of us. I also loved the song that she and Sam sing together at the piano, its a real pretty song.

I thought Grady was a great charactor as well. Teddy Wilson is a great actor I have seen him in other shows as guest roles and seeing him in Ql, twice at that as he also plays Ernie the diner owner in Rebel Without a Clue, was a delight. His charactors always have a cheerful and positive attitude and are pleasent to be around. Its a shame that is has passed and that he can not be seen him in more.
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