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If I did top 20 rankings for QL, this would definitely be in it. In fact, I'd say it would be knocking on the door of the top 10 episodes. A very memorable one this. I just love so many things about it. Firstly, I love playing pool, so it stands out for that reason alone. I also think it's great that they put this touch of personal history between Al and Magic. I think that was really cool for some reason. I think it's because I can buy it. Some of the things about Al's past sometimes come out of nowhere sometimes, as though they just need him to have experienced something for the script (him running away to the circus came across as odd, for example (as we'll hear about in the next episode)). But this one rings true, and adds depth to proceedings.

I love the characters of Grady and Violet, but especially Grady. The same actor would appear again in Rebel Without A Clue, and I loved him in that episode too. There's just something really likable about him.

The match at the end is thrilling every time I watch it. I love the use of future technology through the handlink, and the way Sam beats up Eddie's goon and Grady's reaction to it. My only fault with this episode is the bank scene. I don't think it was really needed. It just seemed tacked on somehow.

The best scene for me has to be the one with Sam and Violet at the piano. That song, He'll Be There, is really, really moving. It's actually gotten me through some tough moments once or twice, and seems to embody the whole message of the series as a whole. Moments like that are what Quantum Leap is all about.

My rating. Excellent. A real personal favourite.
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