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Hi Feldon,I understand some of the things you mention,and agree with you completely about George Lucas attitudes and decisions. I’m personally not a Star Wars fan,but I can certainly understand how fans of Star Wars would feel.

I do however think it’s ridiculous that any new fans would be put off by the aesthetics or effects of the original Star Trek or any other vintage series and they need to be modernized/altered to meet today’s tastes. That would be like saying I won’t watch Laurel and Hardy,The Stooges ,Hitchcock Presents,outer limits or Twilight Zone because they are in black and white. There’s a great Kirk Douglas movie called “Detective Story”,it’s not in color,doesn’t have fancy sets and there’s no gory special effects or over the top violence. It just has a great story and powerful acting that pulls you in.

As far as “remastering” you misunderstood me. I have no issues with *remasters*,but I do with *re-recording*,i.e. replacing original material nearly 60 years later with fake/completely different material from modern musicians just because the original theme wasn’t stereo. They didn’t remix the original Star Trek theme from the 60’s,they brought in new musicians and Re-orchestrated it. Again,why? To me it’s disrespectful to all those original musicians who played a part on the creation of that show.

Remastering is fine, if it’s done with care and an eye towards preservation of original content. Since you mentioned music, I have remastered CDs though that sound muddy and were mixed incorrectly but sound dazzling on the original LP. It has to be done with respect to the original material.
I like original stereo mixes of classic albums,I have both versions of the Beatles output. The stereo mixes you speak of are original and were created in the 60’s. Capitol sold stereo and mono versions of their albums. They weren’t recorded in stereo decades later by artists replacing the Beatles. Incidentally the Beatles preferred the mono mixes of some of their early output and put more work into those. Car radios were mono back then. The mono mixes sound better on mono radios.
Most of the record labels starting in 1958 (some earlier) recorded in stereo and had mono mixes of the same master recordings as well. Stereo equipment was expensive back then and most people still had mono turntables. You want to avoid any “fake” stereo albums from the era. The ones that say “electronically reprocessed for stereo”. If you’ve ever heard one you know why.

I also don’t mind “let it be,Naked”. Paul McCartney supposedly was upset with the strings and choir being added to “the long and winding road” by Phil Spector and it’s nice to hear Paul’s vision of the album. I like both versions but I prefer the original version and think Spector did a good job adding polish to it.

Again,I was talking about “re-recording” (replacing/reimagining) original material over 5 decades later with a modern recreation by modern artists needlessly. Who out there is NOT going to watch a show from the 60’s because the theme is not in stereo? If they consider the technical limitations of the original special effects of the 60’s offputting I’m surprised they didn’t find the Gorn or Horta creature too hokey looking and want to replace them too with CGI creatures. What’s next maybe the short skirts of the female enterprise crew will be deemed “sexist” and outdated. The show is an artifact of its time. Personally I love the show as it was.

I do love the “remastered” high definition versions of old films. I just watched the blu ray version of “walking tall” with Joe Don baker and “in the heat if the night” and the detail is incredible. I’ve seen remastered versions of laurel and hardy films from the 30’s that are so clear you can see the texture of the materials in their suits! And of course I like seeing the deleted scenes/alternate endings of films. “Vanishing point” has the UK version with a scene where kowalski picks up Charlotte Rampling. “Duel” ( Spielberg‘s directorial debut) also has added footage and crystal clear picture. Mill creek really botched the Rockford Files blu-Ray though. It’s missing original footage and the picture quality fluctuates wildly. I wish more care were put into that release. The Rockford Files is one of the best tv shows ever made.

So remastering is good. My issue is with replacing original footage by the original artists decades later just for the sake of making them look contemporary. That would be like cutting the fins off a 1959 Buick to make it fit in with today’s finless cars because fins went out of style and look dated.

I watched Next Generation when it came out. It was good show,but I love the 60’s version best. I haven’t seen it (next generation) since then. I didn’t realize some of the graphics were upside down.

Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
Remastered or "Improved" versions of classic media offer several benefits when they are provided alongside faithful restorations of the original versions:
  • Bring in new fans who may find the dated effects with obvious artifacts, wires, matte lines, etc. off-putting
  • Address mistakes which were easy to miss on 19" televisions in a wooden cabinet but are blindly obvious on a 70" high definition television.
  • Provide an alternative view on the material for fans who have already watched the original so many times they know it by heart

Remasters are not intended to take away from the original. You mentioned mono music. The Beatles catalogue has been at least partly remixed in Stereo. Tangerine Dream has had albums from the 70's completely remixed to provide something different. For everyone who is annoyed by them doing remasters, there's someone else who finds these alternative takes interesting and a new way to experience the material.

I'm thankful that The Next Generation Blu-Ray discs corrected obvious mistakes from the original episodes like upside-down graphics. There is always the original DVDs if you want them. If you want to see the list of changes, here's a good site:

I think the only one out there who has sought to destroy the original versions and force their new remastered version as the "only" version is George Lucas, and he has rightfully been lambasted for it.
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