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Originally Posted by feldon30
I think it's an incongruity in the story. Deliver us from Evil seemed to be more of a "mirror" of Quantum Leap. The same basic tenets, but evil. The Return episodes really fleshed out the backstory and made it clear that the destructiveness of history is a "mission" for Lothos and their project.
This makes a lot of sense, that the Evil Project had not been fully developed upon it's debut.

Originally Posted by feldon30
I don't think Quantum Leap was ever what you would call a "mission", although certainly they flitted between the morality of Sam wanting to change the world, vs. the happenstance of being a time traveler stuck in the past, all while giving him a few fleeting opportunities to fix things in his own life (and eventually Al's). Maybe that's what made Quantum Leap an enduring story -- the motivations were wide and varied.
See this is why I believe the Evil Project is an attempt by the devil because it's directly referenced that it's leaps were targeted at wronging the right which connects to the devil's personal appearance in season 3.

"Who gave you the right to go bungling around in time, putting right what I made wrong!?"

In failing to take Sam out of the picture the next option would be undoing "the damage" which would require a more controlled environment to target the exact areas Sam effected which seemed evident with the LaMatta family where Alia and Sam first cross paths. The second encounter appeared to be no accident either. Alia's appearance shortly followed Sam saving the life of his host, to terminate that person. What they didn't realize at first was that the target was in fact Sam.
It confused me why Sam would leap into Arnold Walkins, the emotional help he required being impossible to accomplish AS him however I suddenly get the feeling that it was to keep him in a safe place out of the evil project's reach.

But I digress. The evil project managed to figure out how not only to aim their leaps but also to retrieve their leaper in between "Missions". They seemed to be specifically designed to undo Sam's impact though sensibly the members would not be aware of that as PQL was not aware of why their accelerator worked as it did.
I have actually wondered why Al did not initiate research into the Evil Project's retrieval success.
Though the novel 'Mirror's Edge' introduces the concept that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the retrieval program and thus no logical explanation as to why it does not work. This suggesting perhaps that a greater force doesn't want it to. A force that could possibly be God or though I haven't gotten all the pieces to make sense of it but could explain why the evil project's retrieval succeeds, the devil.

Originally Posted by feldon30
I liked the concept of the Evil Leapers, probably more than most viewers, but something tells me if they had continued to go in that direction with the story, they probably would have run out of gas after another 1-2 episodes.
It was a highly disliked concept not just by fans but by those on the show, Dean Stockwell is quoted in the BTS book 'Another Time, Another Place' saying how stupid he found it and Bellisario himself was quite displeased with a lot of season 5 including the celebrity leaps at which he'd actually 'grrred' when they were requested by the network(to which I personally tip my hat).

In my personal opinion however the evil leapers have grown on me from the opinion I once had which mimicked Dean's. I prefer them by far to the Abigail trilogy which irritates me to no end, though I admit I have yet to give it another shot.
I do however agree that if they had persisted with the evil project it would have reached a point where it seriously got too complex and too ridiculous to tolerate. Not to mention the exceedingly increased level of feel it would remove from Sam's story.

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