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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Watching the second installment in the episode trilogy tonight I have a consistency concern which may just be myself misunderstanding.

The evil leaper project clearly managed to surpass Project Quantum Leap in their heavy implications that they can bring Alia back after each leap and in compliment probably can target each one as well.
"They tortured me."
"I saw you die."
"It was worse than death".

- Return of the Evil Leapers, in reference to Deliver Us From Evil

"Lathos, pull Alia out!"

- Return of the Evil Leapers
as Sam takes Alia into his arms in his attempt to carry her with him into his next leap.

"She leaped!"
"She didn't leap back!"

- Revenge of the Evil Leapers
Zoey sends a bullet at Alia but she is leaped out just before it hits (the host returned unharmed).

This however is somewhat contradicted in Deliver Us From Evil in Zoey's attempt to egg an unsure Alia on with the gun by telling her that it could be the event that gets her home.
What is "home" in comparison to her project? "Home" in reference to Sam always indicates the project or the present in which the project exists.

Also I will express that I disagree with ChickenStu's theory.
My theory is that the Evil Leapers as Project Quantum Leap is believed to be driven by God, is being driven by the devil. His second attempt if you will after failing to undo Sam in season 3. That the handlink left in 1945 and the tape recording of Sam under Sodium Pentothal spewing his clearance number and other crucial details of the project in 1966 were the stepping stones perhaps laid by the devil himself which provided the blueprints for Lathos. This is actually something I got from reading posts by brilliant members like yourself Chickenstu right here at Al's Place years ago.

It would have been fascinating had they gone more into the backstory and working of their project as they themselves already are. These days they have actually grown on me more than all those years ago the more I put thought into them.
The way Deliver us from evil was shown implied the Evil project had NO prior knowledge of another quantum leap project. I find it strange when Alia first introduces Sam to Zoe what Zoes response to it is.

Sam " you're a time traveller TOO"

Zoe " TOO? what do you mean TOO?

ALIA " I'd like you to meet my partner Zoe"

Zoe seemed shocked at the knowledge of there being another time traveller, the GOAT of time travellers , SAM LOL

The only reason i can think of was unless the creators of EvilPQL did not tell the Evil team of scientists the origins of their tech or of any fellow time travellers in existance i.e Sam Beckett. Even Lothos the great AI unit didn't know of Sam or his project (probably because of government secrect project).

It seemed unusual that Zoe had no prior knowledge of any time traveller TOO.

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