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Default Ziggy - when from Male to Female ... and Al's Handlink

I need info

Date: 07/29/1999
From: JSLeaper

I have two questions i was wondering about. Does anyone know when they went from Ziggy being a male persona to a female persona..and when did Al's handlink change? I have always wondered when in the series these things happened.Please tell me if you know.
Transexual Ziggy

Date: 07/29/1999
From: DarthHedge

Ziggy went from male to female in "The Leap Back," when we first here his/her voice. Ashley McConnell explained the sex change by suggesting that Tina may have made the change (she's the Pulse Communications Technician).

There were several different handlink designs. Al wasn't very kind to them. Someone with less of a life than me can probably tell you which episodes the handlink changed.
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