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Article 134:
The Admiral's handlink

Date: 09/01/1999
From: GabeGonzalez

In the episode "The B@#%man" the colorful handlink debuts. But on today's episode "The Great Spontini" he has the old one and breaks it and then gets the colorful one back. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Reply 1:
Back up handlink

Date: 09/02/1999
From: Fish_Bone

I have a theory, The new handlink could have only been use when
something was wrong with the old one. However, that on "The B@#%man" The old one could have been acting up. So they used the lego color light up one. Then on "The Great Spontini" When Al broke the old handlink, They could have got sick of always fixing this handlink. They could have said "You know what? Forget this handlink"
So they started using the new one.

Reply 2:
About the handlink.

Date: 09/08/1999
From: Captain_Tuvok

It could be that "The Great Spontini" was shot and recorded BEFORE but aired AFTER "The B@#%man".
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