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Default Re: Handlink

Article 924:
Material items and leaping

Date: 01/08/2001
From: fireyf

I noticed something odd about the episode "The Leap Back." From what I can tell, when someone leaps only they time travel and not any material possesions they might have on their person at the time. So how come in "The Leap Back," the handlink goes back with Al, while none of the clothes he was wearing go with him as well?

It wasn't a normal leap

Date: 01/15/2001
From: gastrof

Al shouldn't have lept at all. Sam is the only one affected by the leaping. Al isn't even really there when it happens, yet somehow that one time it DID happen. Some of the other usual rules being violated isn't surprising.

Besides- It made for an interesting problem for Sam, not being able to open the door and all!
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