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Default A leap for Al

Quantum Leap

Chapter 2

It felt like to AL he was traveling through the clouds. very high up in the sky his soul was traveling like a speeding bullet it felt like he had just been fired out of a gun and he was like superman traveling at super high speed towards his friend he just hoped he would reach him and he woulded get too lost too deep into time.

all he could think about was his friend he kept his eyes shut willing that god, fate or time would help him and woulded go against him. this leap was a selfless mission he knew he had to bring Sam back otherwise who would.

not long after this he could feel himself slowing down and then to his horror his soul fell out of the sky and Al quantum leaped into......

with a wash of intense blue light Al finished leaping in and after the light faded away. He found himself wearing a admiral uniform he was sat at a deck in a office and he got up quickly and he found himself which appeared like a army base of some kind. he walked over to the nearby mirror and through the looking glass a stranger was looking back at him.

he wasent use to this and now he could relate to Sam he was a leaper and all he wanted to do now was pull Sam out if he could one final leap to bring his friend home.

suddenly his head started to hurt and his memory's became like cheese, swiss cheese and his memory's of his own time started to fade......


After a wash of blue light Sam found himself laying on a bed and once the quantum leap was over.

he rose up and noticed he was wearing a army uniform with a dog tag around his neck and he looked at himself in the nearby mirror a young man was looking back at him.

it felt like he had leaped back into bingo but he knew it wasent him by his refection in the mirror he just hoped what time and fate had instore for him this time he hoped he could continue to make a difference.

meanwhile project quantum leap.

alarms was ringing all over the place and the head programmer ran back into the control room to see what was going on.

after a small investigation he knew that someone had used the time machine and suddenly he could hear Als voice from the imaging chamber.

running up the ramp and after opening the door Al was acting strange and it was very easy to realise what had just happened Al had leaped and a new visitor was in his body. the head programmer turned all the alarms off and helped Al to the waiting room now both Sam and Al where lost in time!
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