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Yeah, I realized that the 28th was a Tuesday which would be a wrench in the system.

I have heard from a few ppl who are interesting--both completely no matter what, and interesting depending on their schedule. So, here's an idea for the masses:

We move the day to either a Friday or saturday afternoon or take a poll on what day would be best for the general masses (since the poll topic category was taken out, that makes things fun, hehe)

I'm hoping to pull it off by the end of this month. I understand about the Mardi Gras thing for Jennie, and work is an issue for others (hopefully me included by that time), but thats where the weekend scenario comes in.

I'd like to get feedback from as many ppl as possible to determine whether I should continue this plan. Put it here, email me (its in my profile), or PM me and let me know.

Samantha Beckett

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