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Great, great episode!!! Loved every character. It had everything to make it a classic story. I love how most of the time Bellisario takes a simple idea and develops it like in crescendo to the point of the final resolution... and then comes a peaceful, magical ending. You may say I almost described every other QL episode, right? But DPB does it in such a masterful way that it's almost as if he was a wizard of great writing. He's not my favorite writer from the series, but he comes close.

A very important episode for Sam. I think this was where his character developed a bit more and where he learned an important lesson to keep maturing as a leaper. Not just for the fact that he had to kill someone, but also because he stopped being so self-centered about his project. He knew that he was not alone and that Al really cared and that he was loyal and that he was trying his best to make sure that Sam was not left alone and forgotten in the past. A step forward in their friendship.

I think the scene with the cat was very funny and also as important as the rest of the episode, because it makes a good point about Sam sometimes not having very difficult assignments and leaping out almost immediately. They always focused on the long, difficult leaps, but never on the short/straight ones. It makes us think about Sam bouncing around in time and sometimes not spending a lot of time with his leaps from one place to another. It had been stated before and we already know that, but it was a nice touch to see that in action at least once.

Loved the improvement on the leaping effect, the division between the teaser and the other acts, and also the visual effects, even the credits. Now, that was something else!! Of course way better than in season 1.

My rating: Excellent.
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