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The Joe character is indeed a plot hole.
Here is my theory:

Joe let the dog out into the storm with the intention of luring Sam (Archie) out of Unibelle's to get Cissy alone and had offered to accompany him to appear genuine knowing he'd be turned down (Sam's earlier behavior towards him was pretty telling).

Here's where it gets very grey area though.

As to why Sam turned him down, he clearly didn't trust Joe on the suspicion that he would harm Cissy based on an earlier moment where he'd started to manhandle her but leaving him behind was leaving her alone with him.
On the other hand, however, Sam seemed to see through Joe's claim that the dog had scratched at the door in request to be let out (which was stated to be a lie by a shot of the dog lying at the elderly couple's feet just before Joe reveals that he let it out) and might have felt that he was a liability.

In addition, in either of these cases, despite his immoral actions, Sam would have felt a responsibility to keep Joe alive as well.

The suspicion of Joe as possibly killing Cissy was unsubstantial, not only was it underdeveloped but it seemed like just a lazy way to temporarily turn the viewer's attention away from Lisa.

Technically the first known killer was the hurricane as she'd originally been killed whilst trying to retrieve something from her home. If, however, that something was still the dog, which is implied to be probable by her statement:
(Sam: "Where are you going?")
"Home, where Bofus went"
then if it could be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that Joe had let the dog out with the intent to get Cissy killed he could have been convicted for manslaughter but not only would that be a long shot, I'd never bought him as having the pretense to either want her dead or to kill her in the heat of passion.
Joe wasn't Prince Charming of course, he'd shown signs of being forceful thus possible controlling and he was disrespectful but he did seem to have genuine feelings for her that he'd never gotten over and that Cissy seemed perfectly fine in his presence out of Archie's sight suggested that he'd never abused her.

So as far as I'm concerned Camille and Lisa were the true threats to Cissy the entire time.

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